Stoltenberg spoke about Ukraine’s counterattack against Russia

Stoltenberg, who is in the USA to hold a series of contacts, including his meeting with US President Joe Biden, spoke to CNN. Pointing out that the counterattack launched by Ukraine against Russia would be “challenging”, Stoltenberg said that “the more land the Ukrainians acquire, the more Russian President Putin understands that he must sit … Read more

Prince Andrew’s ‘evacuation’ fears outweighed

King of England III, who took the throne last month. Charles’ brother, Prince Andrew, only shares the 30-room, £30m Royal Lodge mansion with his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson. However, Prince Andrew, who was forced to leave his official duties in the British Royal Family due to his close friendship with billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, who was imprisoned … Read more

How safe is your baby’s crib? Health experts listed 5 mistakes

From a seemingly harmless pillow to a blanket, health experts have unveiled five objects that can be deadly in babies’ sleeping spaces. Experts state that these objects can cause the baby to suffocate. For example; According to estimates, 38 percent of parents in the United States put at least one item in their crib that … Read more

Famous urologist listed 5 habits that kill sex life

This time, the famous urologist Dr. Anika Ackerman also drew attention. Ackerman listed the habits that couples should avoid doing. Doctor Ackerman, who is followed by thousands of people on social media platforms such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, listed the things that ruined his sex life. Here are 5 habits that kill sex life: … Read more

There is no conscientious basis for trying to imprison the Turkish Cypriot youth with unfair restrictions.

President Ersin Tatar, who congratulated our successful athletes by making a statement about the degrees achieved by Turkish Cypriot athletes in various branches, said, “There can be no legitimate and conscientious basis for trying to imprison the Turkish Cypriot youth with unfair restrictions.” President Tatar’s statement is as follows; “Sht. Turgut Secondary School being the … Read more

Council of Ministers Should Not Have Exceptional Authority to Grant Citizenship

Umut Ersoy, a candidate for the Independence Road Deputy, answered Ali Kişmir’s questions as a guest of the Cyprus File program on TV20. There should be a working representative in the parliament where the bosses start to run javelin Ersoy pointed out that the security measures that are said to be taken after the earthquake … Read more

The ballot box to be established is the step of starting a new era.

According to the information given by the party, Tufan Erhürman met with the citizens at Maksim Coffeehouse and Maraş Hunting and Shooting Club. During his visit, Erhürman was accompanied by Famagusta District President Oktay Kayalp and some deputies. “Things that never happened in the past happened in this period” CTP Chairman Tufan Erhürman reminded that … Read more

Life on Mars is possible but only for four years

A human expedition to Mars has long been on the radar of space explorers. However, US scientists say that people who settle on Mars can only stay for four years, and if they spend more time, the environment will become unsafe in terms of radiation. According to the Daily Mail’s report, scientists were talking about … Read more