The Horrible Story of the Sumedang Regent about the Climbing Cae Location of the Junior High School Pilgrimage Bus Entering the Ravine

Pilgrim bus from Subang flipped 180 degrees on Jalan Raya Sumedang-Malangbong, precisely at Tanjakan Cae, Wado, Sumedang, West Java, Wednesday (10/3/2021) night. (Source: KOMPAS.COM/AAM AMINULLAH) SUMEDANG, KOMPAS.TV – Sumedang Regent Dony Ahmad Munir admitted that Tanjakan Cae, Sukajadi Village, Wado District, Sumedang Regency, West Java, had frequent accidents. The location also claimed lives when the […]

There were successive accidents in Tanjungsari Sumedang, traffic jams in two directions

PRFMNEWS – Accident streak happened near the Square Tanjungsari, Districts Sumedang, Tuesday 1 December 2020, around 16.00 WIB. Traffic flow (traffic) around the temporary incident site is reported jammed in both directions, both directions Sumedang towards Bandung or vice versa. PRFM listener who was at the scene, Luki said, there were two trucks and two […]

Sumedang Health Office Reveals There are 610 People Affected by TB

Sumedangs – The Sumedang Health Office noted that from January to June 2020 there were 610 residents infected with Tuberculosis (TBC) in the category of Drug-Resistant TB (TBRO) and Drug-Sensitive TB (TBSO). The Health Office is wary of the spread of TB disease because until the second quarter of 2020 hundreds of cases of this […]