Registration, Internet Packages, to Check Quota

Jakarta – Simultaneously with the introduction of the new logo Telkomsel, old products, such as Simpati, Loop, and Kartu As were merged into Telkomsel Prepaid. Here are all questions related to Telkomsel Prepaid, from card registration, package activation, internet package prices, to how to check Telkomsel Prepaid quota. The merging of prepaid brands is part […]

Telkomsel ‘turns off’ Simpati, Loop, and AS Cards, what about by.U’s fate?

Jakarta – Telkomsel just ‘turned off’ Sympathy, Loop, and the US Card which was then melted into Telkomsel Prepaid. What about fate by.U? by.U is a Telkomsel prepaid customer. It’s just that the concept is different, by.U is present as operator digital, in which the upstream to downstream process is performed digitally. In accordance with […]

Sympathy, Loops and Ace Cards are ‘turned off’, this is the fate of customers

Jakarta – Telkomsel has made product efficiency by merging three products, Sympathy, Loop, and Kartu AS become Telkomsel Prepaid. So, what happened to the previous Simpati, Loop, and Kartu AS customers? “The Simpati, Loop, and Kartu As card numbers, as well as the old ones, can still be used by customers, with basic services as […]

Telkomsel Presents Amazon Prime Video Internet Packages Starting at IDR 7,500

Jakarta – Telkomsel again add to their digital entertainment portfolio by attracting Amazon Prime Video. Customers can enjoy the video on demand service starting at IDR 7,500. Previously, a series of video on demand services offered by Telkomsel in the form of packages for its customers, including: Disney+ Hotstar to Lionsgate Play. “Amazon Prime Video […]

Shhh, Want 300 GB Data Quota and Active Forever?

Jakarta – At the end of the month, internet package usually it’s getting thinner. Well, the good news is there is a 300 GB data quota with an active period forever. Hutchison 3 Indonesia cellular operator (Tri) launched the AlwaysOn Super package with quotas ranging from 50 GB to 300 GB. Interestingly, the internet package […]

Telkomsel’s New Logo: Modern, Colorful, and Futuristic

Jakarta – Telkomsel officially leave the old face by introducing their new logo which is more modern, colorful, to futuristic. The characteristic red color is not left by this cellular operator in its latest logo. But now these colors are combined with other colors that look simple and elegant. Design Telkomsel’s new logo inspired by […]

Indonesian People Ranked 7th Highest in the World for Buying Credit

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Use of cellular operator service (opsel) type prepaid card of Indonesia, reportedly the highest among 7 other countries in the world. The report was revealed based on the Global Prepaid Index (GPI) survey. The survey was conducted to find out how the Opsel users attitude towards prepaid services, such as prepaid […]

Profile of the President Director of Telkomsel Hendri Mulya Syam, The True Red Employee

Jakarta – Hendri Mulya Syam officially appointed as CEO of Telkomsel replace Setyanto Hantoro. Hendri is an employee of the true red who is now the number one person in Telkomsel. It is noted that Hendri started his career at Telkomsel since 1995 holding various positions, ranging from Network Strategy, Network Services and Quality, Corporate […]

Take note! Here are 15 locations that will hold Telkomsel’s 5G

Jakarta – Telkomsel revealed that there will be 15 first locations in Indonesia that will get service 5G. Where are they located? Currently, Telkomsel has become mobile operator first in Indonesia to carry out the Operation Eligibility Test (ULO) 5G. After being declared passed, Telkomsel can roll out 5G services commercially to its users. Minister […]

Ahead of Eid, Tri Strengthens Cellular Networks at 214 Points – Towards this Eid 2021, mobile operator Tri Indonesia optimize the capacity and quality of its cellular network. This network optimization is carried out at 214 Points of Interest (POI) throughout Indonesia. All of these points are divided into a number of regions, namely 71 points in Kalimantan and Sumatra, 8 points in Sulawesi, […]