expectations for war in 2023

ANNOUNCEMENTS•today, 09:23 Chiem Balduk foreign publisher Harming Kersten Graphic designer Chiem Balduk foreign publisher Harming Kersten Graphic designer Ukraine is determined to liberate all occupied territories in the country by 2023, President Zelensky said recently. Meanwhile, Russia continues to send tens of thousands of mobilized men to the front and the armed forces must continue … Read more

Huge columns of Russian military equipment continue to move towards Berdyansk and Melitopol (video)

According to the adviser to the mayor of Mariupol, fresh divisions of the invaders have arrived from Russia. The Russian army is moving its reserves to Berdyansk and Melitopol. Video with the movement of a huge column of military equipment posted in his Telegram channel Mariupol mayor adviser Petr Andryushchenko. According to Anryushchenko, a large … Read more

occupiers blocked city streets, mayor (photo)

After the explosion, local residents heard machine gun fire and saw the Russians carrying a stretcher with a body covered with black film. On Tuesday, December 13, a powerful explosion thundered in occupied Melitopol. About it in my Telegram channel informed the mayor of the non-Ukrainian-controlled city, Ivan Fedorov. According to him, a powerful explosion … Read more

Russia brought teachers from Dagestan to Melitopol for propaganda in schools

Russian invaders in the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine are trying to Russify Ukrainian children, for which they bring their own teachers. To make up for the shortage of personnel, teachers from Dagestan were sent to make propaganda in the schools of Melitopol. Since most of the Ukrainian teachers have refused to cooperate with the … Read more

“Dozens of” 200 “and” 300 are brought in. The invaders received a “warm greeting” from the Armed Forces of Ukraine near Melitopol

About this on December 2 in Telegram informed The mayor of Melitopol temporarily occupied Ivan Fedorov. According to him, in the Melitopol region “it is getting hot as hell for rashists”. “Nearby [населенного пункта] Never mind, the occupiers received such a warm greeting from the Armed Forces of Ukraine that now dozens of “200” and … Read more

Ukraine: Hospitals in Belarus are full of sick and wounded Russian soldiers

Ukraine’s military warns it continues to train Russo-Belarusian Group of Troops on the territory of Belarus. According to intelligence data, the social burden in the Brest region, especially in areas where the oncoming Russian army units are located, is increasing significantly – the local hospitals are overflowing with Russian soldiers, both wounded and sick, due … Read more