Gemayel, in response to Nasrallah’s words: He wants the presidential vacuum to continue, and his condition that the president’s criterion protect the backs of the resistance is unacceptable.

The head of the Phalanx Party, the representative Sami Gemayel, commented on the words of the general secretary of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, and wrote in a tweet on Twitter: “From the words of the general secretary of Hezbollah today it appears that he wants the vacuum presidential election is prolonged, as it requires the … Read more

Video – “Marbouha” … a new song by “Latifa” that accompanies the World Cup

In his own way, the artist, Latifa, wowed the Arab audience with his new song “Marbouha”, which encourages Arab teams to participate in the Doha World Cup. The song was filmed as a video clip and Latifa sent a message attached to a promotional video clip for the song and wrote: “Profitable, and God willing, … Read more

The Taif Conference opens the doors of the agreement to a presidential candidate … Bassil separates himself from the party in the choice of the candidate

Source: Principal The echoes of the Taif Forum held at UNESCO, on the occasion of the 33 years since the signing of the Taif Agreement in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, remained, both with national, multiple participation, and with speeches and words that reflected the urgency to adhere to the constitution that emerged from it, … Read more

Video – Studio Time has turned into a wrestling arena … A problem spreads outside and gunshots can be heard

In an unusual development in the land of freedoms, a discussion that is supposed to be civil and democratic has developed into a program that has turned time into a battle and a clash of hands. In detail, and during the episode in which journalist Mersal Ghanem hosted the representatives: Charbel Maroun, Wadah Al-Sadiq, Ali … Read more

Bassil pushes himself into the void … Mikati clings to his scourge and Hezbollah is in no hurry to settle

SourceLondon Arabs The severity of the political differences over the completion of the constitutional benefits (the prime minister and the presidency) indicates that Lebanon has entered a period of institutional vacuum, just days before the end of the term of President Michel Aoun, and in the light of a provisional government which appears to be … Read more

Tuesday I meet Aoun-Mikati … Will the formation come out of the bottleneck?

Source: Principal — Presidents Michel Aoun and Najib Mikati are expected to resume consultations on the formation of the government tomorrow, Tuesday, amid assessments also addressing existing differences on the necessary changes to the current formation of the government to approve a new government by changing two or three ministers. Sources following the government issue … Read more

Mikati in London and New York … and back on Thursday

Source: Central News Agency — Interim Prime Minister Najib Mikati will leave Beirut next Saturday to attend Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral, and the next day will meet with the British Foreign Minister and on Tuesday will move to New York to deliver Lebanon’s speech at the United Nations The General Assembly , accompanied by Foreign … Read more

Hezbollah contacts with the mainstream to attempt to velocity up the development method

Supply: Kuwait Information Company — Stick to-up resources claimed, according to the Kuwaiti newspaper Al-Anbaa, that Hezbollah, with its allies in the Free Patriotic Motion, has produced contacts in an attempt to pace up the development approach and pave the way for the issuance of the decreed composition. following providing the remaining touches of consensus … Read more