Basel: EuroAirport takes off again – Basel

The airport is forecasting 7.4 million passengers for the current year. There are still many uncertainties, Suhr referred to supply bottlenecks, the energy crisis, the situation with China and restrictions on flights. Less freight traffic The EAP in freight traffic recorded a slight decline, which fell by 4.2 percent to 114,320 tons in 2022 compared […]

Sportmix: CVJM guest in Breisgau – Sportmix

On November 19 of last year, the people of Lerchenstadt finally got the upper hand. At that time, the team of player-coach John Gilliland won 76:70 at TSV Ettlingen. With 17 points, Stephan Kühnhardt was one of the most successful throwers of the YMCA together with Murat Hacioglu. However, Gilliland will again have to do […]

Lörrach: Arthaus and “Avatar” – Lörrach

Until its closure, the Union cinema housed such small films. Arthaus films, documentaries and live opera broadcasts were shown in the two cinema halls on Bahnhofsplatz. The cinema was closed in June due to disagreements with the landlord. Something similar happened recently at the Friedrichsbau in Freiburg, founded in 1911 and which will close in […]

Basel: services are uncertain – Basel

No higher fares in sight Rising prices and rising wage and energy costs are causing more and more difficulties for healthcare institutions in Aargau, while vaka continues. Higher rates are not in sight. The demanding financing of healthcare services by the Confederation, cantons, communes, health insurance companies and patients makes it difficult to adjust rates […]

Basel: net zero by 2050 – Basel

Reber described the 2050 target year as “sporty and ambitious.” It is important for him to set a pragmatic and realistic goal. He has a lot of respect for the job. Reber declined to comment on the fact that Basel-Stadt had pronounced itself in favor of a net zero by 2037. Comparisons would make no […]

Lörrach District: save chain is being optimized – Lörrach District

Cardiovascular arrest is the third leading cause of death in Germany. You only have one chance to survive the event without consequences if you initiate resuscitation within the first few minutes. The ambulance service is of a high standard, but will inevitably be late – even in the city – in most cases, taking several […]

Kandern: Donate blood and go to the cinema – Kandern

Thanks to the support of sponsors, there are non-cash prizes and a challenge cup for the winner. “Using group dynamics, we try to persuade not just individual donors, but entire families, groups, associations or neighborhoods to donate,” explains Martin Winkler, on-call manager at DRK Wollbach. He started the competition a few years ago. Since next […]

Weil am Rhein: The long wait is over – Weil am Rhein

Question: Recently there were some line-up changes. Do band cancellations pose a major challenge, or do you always have a “plan B”? Hamel: It always depends a little on the time of the cancellation. We are now very well networked with some agents and booking agencies, but even with that it is sometimes quite difficult […]

Basel: Glide smoothly through Basel – Basel

Every city has its own regulations for dealing with shared transport. In Basel, each company is allowed to offer a maximum of 200 e-scooters, said Dolleschel. Basel is currently very liberal and, as a city, is open to new forms of mobility. However, the introduction of new means of transport naturally also involves a certain […]

Football: In Thailand made the rise clear – football

After his resignation as head of sports at Oberliga club FV Lörrach-Brombach in October 2018, Steinebrunner coached teams in Malaysia and Thailand, and the former German junior international also took care of his football teacher training. After a year and a half he had the “Asian Football Confederation Professional Coaching Diploma in his pocket”. The […]