Bad weather interrupts Chiefs-Bills game

The threat of a thunderstorm around Arrowhead Stadium forced fans to vacate the stands; remember you can follow the NFL and Red Zone every week on Star + The Buffalo Bills and Kansas City Chiefs had to wait longer than normal to resume their match between favorites in the AFC this Sunday night, thanks to […]

Forecast, date, time and TV channel to watch the 2021 NFL Preseason LIVE ONLINE

NFL Chicago Bears will face Buffalo Bills in a match to Week 3 of the 2021 NFL Preseason. Find out all the details of the game: Forecast, date, time and TV channel to watch LIVE ONLINE. By Leonel david 2021-08-20T15:58:58-0300 NFLChicago Bears will face Buffalo Bills for Week 3 of the 2021 NFL Preseason (Photo: […]

Baltimore Ravens schlagen Tennessee Titans in NFL-Playoffs

Tennessee (AP) – Quarterback Lamar Jackson won a playoff game in the NFL with the Baltimore Ravens on the third attempt and led his team to a 20:13 against the Tennessee Titans. The Ravens turned 10-10 deficit in front of a few thousand spectators in Tennessee and are back in the second round of the […]

Game Plan for Week 17

The last week of the calendar is here and with it, the option to live a historic day. There are still seven places for the Playoffs to be defined, nothing less than the highest number to fill in the final weekend of the season in 31 years, after there were also seven in 1989. A […]

Who are your favorites in Week 15?

7:37 PM CT ESPN Facebook Twitter Facebook Messenger Pinterest Email To print Check which are the favorite teams of this day in the NFL according to the votes of the fans The NFL Week 15 began Thursday night with the Los Angeles Chargers’ 30-27 win over the Las Vegas Raiders. in a game that was […]

Game Plan for Week 15

If not for the setback they suffered in Philadelphia, the New Orleans Saints would have reached their duel against the Kansas City Chiefs in equal circumstances: with the first seed of their conference. SO GO THE PICKS … Analyst Week 14 Total Ivis Aburto 6-0 49-23 Alfonso Mancilla 3-3 48-24 Eduardo Varela 2-4 48-24 Pablo […]

NFL Recap: San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills 24:34

The Buffalo Bills remain clearly on the playoff course after the 34:24 victory over the San Francisco 49ers. Quarterback Josh Allen showed an outstanding performance and was unstoppable by an overwhelmed defense of the 49ers. The game at Arizona State Farm Stadium, which will be home to the 49ers this week and next due to […]

NFL Week 2 Gambler’s Guide

Find out which are the most important trends to bet on in the second weekend of the 2020 NFL season In Week 1, the favorites covered in nine of 19 games with nine of the 16 games also finishing high. But what about the Week 2? In the last 10 seasons, teams that go 0-1 […]