New York, the bet of the panorama of Formula E

The stands are sparse. This year, after the cancellation of the 2020 edition, only 2,600 tickets were issued to attend the Formula Electric Grand Prix. New York is no longer the global epicenter of the epidemic and up to 20,000 spectators are crammed into NBA or hockey halls, but caution remains. “They especially held this […]

New York Knicks’ new strongman Julius Randle

The songs of “MVP” bounce off the famous concave ceiling with golden slats of Madison Square Garden with each of his throws. Yet it is another end-of-season reward that extends its arms to Julius Randle (26). That of MIP (Most Improved Player), the best progression of the year. The case is folded. First, we had […]

In New York, NBA fans bite the bullet again during the play-offs

Two blocks from Madison Square Garden, Adam strolls with a balloon under his arm along Sixth Avenue. A car slows down at the intersection with Broadway. The driver and his passenger, fans of the team whose t-shirt our Sunday basketball player proudly wears, rejoice: « Let’s go Knicks ! » (Go Knicks!). « Let’s go […]

Tatum and Boston Celtics atomize Washington, join Nets in NBA play-offs

4,789. The figure is precise. We are not kidding with the number of fans allowed in the room. 25%, no more. But no less either. Because in Boston, we have only one desire: to support the Celtics, on this first night of play-in, the qualifying mini-tournament for the last two places in the play-offs, with […]

NBA: the missed love story between Joakim Noah and New York

« Made in New York ». It is marked on his cap, in very large calligraphy letters, this beautiful day in July 2016 when Joakim Noah is presented to the Knicks, with whom he has just signed, on the eve of his tenth NBA season. The face of the double All-Star – with the Bulls, […]

NBA: this season, the New York Knicks finally find color

Knicks fans seemed to have made a point this season: to suffer and to suffer. “We started the year by telling ourselves that we had to take our troubles patiently, that it was already good to have a change in management”, tells Anthony Donaghue, a franchise subscriber who has not seen the play-offs since 2013. […]