This is how Angelique Boyer shows her figure in a bikini

The beautiful actress of French origin, Angelique Boyer caused a sensation in social networks after publishing a daring photograph from Valle de Bravo, which surprised all Internet users and captured the eyes when he was seen wearing a small swimsuit with animal print, which fell in love with all his admirers and left them with […]

Angelique Boyer, these are the LUXURIES that this TALENTED actress gives herself

Angelique Boyer has become one of the most popular actresses on the small screen due to her participation in successful productions such as’Three times Ana‘, ‘What life stole from me‘and especially in’Teresa‘, melodrama that catapulted the career of this beautiful actress. Currently, she maintains a relationship with the actor Sebastin Rollers, consolidating one of the […]

Series: Why does Daniel Arenas hate Teresa’s original ending?

Updated 09/01/2020 at 1:00 PM While “Teresa”Was carried out by Angelique Boyer, Sebastián Rulli and Aarón Díaz, the truth is that it would not have been the telenovela that was without the participation of the rest of the cast, Ana Brenda Contreras, Fernanda Castillo and Daniel Arenas, among them. LOOK: “Teresa”, could you have another […]

Angelique Boyer uncovers why, unlike Sebastián Rulli, she left TikTok | The last

Paulina FloresAugust 22, 2020 – 19:32 The actress gave the reasons why they have not seen her in the popular application for weeks Although during the confinement forced by COVID-19 Angelique Boyer and Sebastian Rulli They won millions of views with sensual dances and complicated challenges that went viral as the koala challenge in TikTok, […]

Zoraida Gómez revealed the secrets behind RBD of Anahí and Angelique

Zoraida Gomez, who played the role of ‘Jose Luján’ in the soap opera ‘RBD’, confessed what it was like to work with Anahí and Angelique Boyer, during a live broadcast that he made on his social networks. The actress confessed that the recording days from youth drama they were extremely long and exhausting, which only […]

The P Luche Family: Why did Angelique Boyer lose the role of Bibi P. Luche to Regina Blandón when they were girls? | Casting | Hearing | Eugenio Derbez | Televisa | Mexico | MX Fame

Actress Regina Blandón rose to fame from her role as Bibi in “La Familia P. Luche”, but to get the role that would serve as a springboard, she had to overcome what is today one of the most important stars in the Mexican television: Angelique Boyer. LOOK: Eugenio Derbez tells the truth about Consuelo Duval […]

Leticia Calderón and Angelique Boyer shine with their natural faces

Leticia Calderón and Angelique Boyer shine with their natural faces. | Instagram Special Leticia Calderón and Angelique Boyer shine with their natural face on the set of his new soap opera and not only do they fall in love with nets, but they confirm that the best accessory of every woman is her beauty natural […]