Description of the “Ataturk Stadium” of the Saraçoğlu family

In the process that began with the proposal of the 1907 Association and the announcement by President Ali Koç that they would start work, there was great enthusiasm in the yellow-blue community. Koç stated that they would consult the Saracoğlu family on this matter. Yılmaz Saracoğlu, son of Şükrü Saracoğlu, who was the fifth Prime […]

At the last minute … the total debt of Fenerbahce was announced!

The Fenerbahçe Club High Council meeting started at Faruk Ilgaz facilities in Kalamış. The meeting was attended by the president of the Fenerbahçe club Ali Koç, the president of the Supreme Council Uğur Dündar and the members of the board of directors and the board. At the meeting where Uğur Dündar gave the keynote address, […]

We want you a day as gorgeous as the reality of our 8 championships.

Fenerbahçe president Ali Koç unveiled a assertion to the push following the sport in which the Gialloblù crew defeated Yukatel Kayserispor 2- in the fifth 7 days of the Spor Toto Super League. Saying to agree with Valencia for Maxi Gomez’s transfer but failed to persuade mentor Jorge Jesus, president Ali Koç said: “The issue […]

FENERBAHÇE TRANSFER NEWS: Gökhan Akkan move from Canary! The deal is ok

In a statement, the president of the yellow-dark blue people said, “The transfer of goalkeeper, left-back and striker remains. We will also empty the squad. There is the subject of Kim Min-Jae. Kim Min-Jae’s dream was to play in the Premier League. We talked with Kim Min-Jae about the exit clause for 11 days when […]

What’s in the Fenerites cheering for Putin?

Foreign press, UEFA, everyone is standing! The reason is that Ukraine, which is at war with Russia, Dynamo Kiev in the match with the team Fenerbahce rising from the tribune “Vladimir Putin” shaped cheers. Berna LacinFrom . Nevşin Mengu Those who say “sociological determination” and hit the bottom of the excessive comment, such as “third […]