The answer that hits Putri Aa Gym when she is teased about her mother snapped

Jakarta – Name Ghaida Tsurayya joined in the story of his younger brother, Muhammad Ghaza Al Ghazali, on Facebook. In that outpouring of his heart, Ghaza exposed his brother’s unpleasant treatment to his mother, Teh Ninih. Her sister is said to have yelled at Teh Ninih. Ghaza’s story has apparently been read and spread on […]

Ghaza Calls Ghaida Shouts Ninih Tea After Viral Comments About Aa Gym’s Attitude

Jakarta – Not long ago son Aa Gym with Ninih Tea, Ghaza gave some surprising confessions about his father’s attitude. This was conveyed by Ghaza on his Facebook. Regarding this, according to Ghaza, Teh Ninih received inappropriate treatment from her brother. Written by Ghaza, Teh Ninih was shouted at by her sister named Ghaida Tsurayya. […]

Child’s Sad Speech Ends with Aa Gym’s Divorce Lawsuit to Ninih Tea

Jakarta, Insertlive – The household of the famous Indonesian preacher Aa Gym again had to collide with marriage conflicts. It started with the outpouring of the heart of Ghaza Al Ghazali, son of Aa Gym and Teh Ninih on Facebook. He wrote about someone in his family who set an example of bad behavior. “Almost […]

Teh Ninih Didn’t Expect Aa Gym to Sue for Divorce for the 3rd Time

Jakarta – KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or Aa Gym back with shocking news, Mother. Aa Gym has again filed for divorce from Teh Ninih for the third time, after having withdrawn the divorce suit at the Bandung Religious Court. This incident took place shortly after the story of his son, Muhammad Ghaza Al Ghazali, went viral […]

Netizens Stunned, Here’s Princess Aa Gym’s Response and Ninih Tea Teh

Jakarta, Insertlive – Aa Gym and Teh Ninih have been in the household for a dozen years. However, their household was rocked by problems until it ended in divorce. The two of them reconciled. However, the son of Aa Gym and Teh Ninih, Muhammad Ghaza Al Ghazali brought shocking news. He explained that his mother […]

Aa Gym Revokes Divorce Lawsuit to Ninih Tea

Jakarta, Insertlive – KH Abdullah Gymnastiar or who is called Aa Gym previously pitched divorce application to Ninih Muthmainah alias This tea to the Bandung Religious Court, West Java. In fact, Aa Gym’s request for divorce for Ninih’s tea has entered the trial process. However Aa Gym suddenly withdrew the divorce suit is in Bandung […]