Rapper Kurt returns with the album “Laaika” celebrities

After a break of many years, releasing his second solo album “Laika”, one of the pioneers of the domestic hip hop genre – rapper Kurt from the legendary association “S’T’A” – has returned to the Latvian hip hop music scene. Simultaneously with the release of the album, the video of the first single was also […]

Russia adds media and NGOs to list of ‘foreign agents’ The news

“It simply came to our notice then. We see this as putting pressure on the independent media and organizations. It did not start today, but it is unusual that our inclusion took place at the height of a public campaign against this law. In any case, it brings burdens and prohibitions to us, life will […]

The Kremerata Baltica festival starts in Dzintari Concert Hall The others

This weekend will not leave indifferent music gourmets – the 18th “Kremerata Baltica” festival will take place in Dzintari Concert Hall. This morning, the team of the festival’s ambassadors visited the program “900 seconds”: the leader of the orchestra “Kremerata Baltica” Ingrida Zemzare, musicians Geraldas Bidva, Andrejs Pushkarevs, Kristaps Petersons. .

Swedbank: The winners are those who wait to buy school supplies In Latvia

Just two more days and September will be here. This means that thousands of students will go to their educational institutions again. The previous academic year ended in absentia, but this is at least temporarily planned as a full-time year. On the morning of August 30, Evija Kropa, an expert at Swedbank’s Financial Institute, told […]

The new Latvian film “Tizlenes” will appear on the screens celebrities

Entertainment celebrities Actors Today, on August 25, the premiere of the “red carpet” will be a new Latvian film called “Tizlenes”, but it will be shown in cinemas from tomorrow. This morning, the film’s director “Marts Elīna Martinsone” and the main character Asnāte Sofija Rožkalne visited the program “900 seconds”. Listen! The anthem of bad […]

Already tonight Maris Martinson’s films “Say Yes!” premiere Freckles of life

The movie “Say Yes!” creative team – director Māris Martinsons and one of the main actresses Evelīna Pārkere. The film will have its premiere in cinemas already tonight, August 13. The creators of the feature film “New Year’s Taxi” and the next-generation television Go3 come up with a modern love story of young people – […]