systematic screening in nursing homes in Moselle is no

The general manager of the Metz-Thionville CHR agrees on his positions: “We stayed on the national rule: no symptoms, no test. Marie-Odile Saillard reminded this Monday during her weekly press point that there was no question of screening all residents or staff of EHPAD in Moselle, “JI didn’t allow it to go all over the place “. Within the scope of CHR Metz-Thionville we cling to a principle, namely “barrier measures for everyone“.

Massive screening in Meurthe-et-Moselle? “a violation of individual freedom”

In the Grand Est, most departments do not carry out mass screening in nursing homes, except in Meurthe-et-Moselle. A decision from the neighboring department that Marie-Odile Saillard does not understand. It has within its perimeter the nursing homes of Moselle and 2 establishments of Briey in Meurthe-et-Moselle I find it a real violation of individual and collective freedom.

Executive Director speaks form of irritation by evoking the Meurthe-et-Mosellane decision which is not “reasonable because it is dissociated from a regional policy“; And she drives the point home”it’s a policy that resembles the little music that people like to hear“.

“If everyone is positive, how do we do it?”

Mass screening has however given good results in Meurthe-et-Moselle. The number of positive cases in nursing homes in the CHR area is “anecdotal“admits Marie-Odile Saillard”it’s very satisfying“while nuancing:”these are people for whom measures had been taken beforehand“.

The director of the CHR then mentioned another argument to counter systematic screening : “You take a nursing home, you do a massive screening and you find that half of the staff is tested positive. In structures where there is no staff, where there is no alternative, what would be the answer? Do we send residents home? in their families? I’m very happy to just ask myself the question“.

And Marie-Odile Saillard talks about the famous, essential barrier measures, “extremely important, we will not be able to do without it. The rest ? It’s demagoguery, it makes people happy that’s all

Epidemic situation of Covid-19 in Grand Est establishments as of April 26
Regional Health Agency

Clearly declining situation

During its weekly update, the CHR returned to the declining recession “we have fewer admissions than exits from hospitals“.

He stays 56 patients with Covid-19 in intensive care at Metz CHR and 54 in other hospitals (Saint-Avold, Sarreguemines, Robert-Schuman or Claude-Bernard in Metz). In addition, of the 70 patients transferred abroad in recent weeks, 25 have returned to Metz.

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