Synopsis of Tonight’s Love Bond: Reyna Sees Photos of Rendy and Jessica at Irvan’s House

Every day the storyline of the soap opera Love Bond more and more exciting.

Make fans curious about the continuation of the soap opera story Love Bond.

Conflicts presented in soap operas Love Bond further infuriates the audience.

Moreover, many new players who appeared later were able to give color and a more interesting story.

Lots of romantic moments and tense storylines make the audience always wait for the show.

The pleasant atmosphere still enveloped Andin’s heart when Andin arrived with Try at the residence Irvan to eat together.

Because Irvan himself invited a reliable chef because he welcomed the arrival of honorable guests, namely Andin and his favorite grandson Try.

At first eating together went smoothly and happily, but when Try very curious about the house Irvan.

In the end Try went around inside to look around the house Irvan and until the end Try enter a room that appears to be closed.

From the room it looks mysterious to make Try curious.

So from there Try ventured and was desperate to enter the room which was none other than a room.

Most likely is the room Jessica before experiencing depression.

This is where it starts Try get a clue which is none other than a photo on the table.

In the photo there is a picture Randy who was sitting in the garden with a woman,

The photo is the same as the photo that was brought Randy yesterday while daydreaming about his ex-girlfriend.

So it can be interpreted the photo obtained Try is an indication of linkage Randy with Irfan’s story at once Jessica in the past.

Therefore, lately Randy always makes me curious at a glance Irvan because Irvan was his former father-in-law.

Then what will happen? Of course it will be a love triangle story that will be awakened by Randy, Katrin, and Jessica.

Continuing into the story, Try looks surprised to be caught by the maid Irvan.

Finally Try drop a photo and Try failed to take the photo.

However Try would remember it because obviously it was a familiar photo i.e Randy.

The meeting scene that seems difficult in the storyline, but there is a sign tonight

Jessica will go out to dress up like a bride.

Because Jessica already mentioned that the fourth day is her wedding day with Adi.

Then, is it true that Adi is Randy?

what Try will tell Andin about the photo?

Watch the continuation of the soap opera story Love Bond only on RCTI at 19.45 WIB, don’t miss it because it’s getting more stressful.***



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