Formula 1 considerably relaxes corona measures in the paddock

Remy Ramjiawan

Thursday, October 14, 2021 16:33 – Last update: 16:37

The FOM, organizer of Formula 1 races, has relaxed the corona protocol for the press. This is how Olav Mol let us know via Twitter. The rules were set in June 2020, so that the Formula 1 season could still start.

From the upcoming Grand Prix in the United States, it will no longer be necessary to wear face masks during presentations. The journalists present are also allowed to re-enter teams and the camera crews can again enter the pitlane during free practice and be on the grid before the start of the race, the Dutch Formula 1 commentator reports.

Formula 1 was one of the few sports that could still start last year. However, the FOM did take the necessary measures to ensure that everything runs smoothly. It made sure that we didn’t have an audience, but the racing violence could be seen on television.



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