SYNOPSIS of the Bond of Love Today January 31, 2022: Everyone is Sad, Critical Irvan makes Jessica Miserable

BUSINESS POTENTIAL – soap operas Love Bond Monday episode January 31, 2022, still showing sadness Jessica who saw Irvan lying in hospital.

Condition Irvan make more critical Jessica the more hysterical he felt the fear of living alone when his father left him.

Andin and Aldebaran and his family feel sorry for and help pray for healing Irvan which is critical.

Furthermore, it is predicted that Mama Rosa will ask Elsa again about the status of Keisya, who is suspected of not being Nino’s child.

On the other hand, everyone is praying Irvan in order to recover quickly, can it be saved?

Synopsis Love Bond January 31, 2022

Catherine jealous when you see Randy give his shoulder to Jessica who are still sad to see the condition Irvan unconscious.

Though, before Catherine sleep leaning on Randy, the two of them fell asleep on the chair while accompanying Jessica.

When Randy Before waking up from his sleep, he was surprised to see Jessica who was still standing in front of the window facing the outpatient room Irvan.

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