Synopsis of the Bond of Love April 23, 2021: Holding New Evidence, Will Aldebaran Threaten Elsa For Andin’s sake?

THE MIND OF THE PEOPLE The soap opera Ikatan Cinta will return to air on Thursday, April 23, 2021 at 19.30 WIB on RCTI.

A bond of love that is filled with roles Aldebaran, Andin, Elsa, Nino and Reyna are now at the top of television soap opera ratings.

Of course, it is not surprising, if many viewers are curious about the plot of the next soap opera, Ikatan Cinta.

Synopsis of the Bond of Love Thursday, April 23, 2021 tells the story of the conflict between Al, Andin, Elsa, Nino, and Mama Rosa.

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In this episode, as Rendi already knows that Riky indeed together Elsa in the Hotel Serenity rooms.

Because previously Rendi was looking for a way to reveal with whom Riky to Hotel Serenity. So he thought to see the CCTV which must have been in every corner of the hotel.

By showing photos Riky, Rendi also asked the receptionist regarding guests, namely Riky. However, on the guest list, there was no one named Riky. Likewise, the hotel cannot easily tell about this.

But Rendi tried to convince the receptionist by lying that the man was Riky it brought his wife.

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