Sympathy, Loops and Ace Cards are ‘turned off’, this is the fate of customers


Telkomsel has made product efficiency by merging three products, Sympathy, Loop, and Kartu AS become Telkomsel Prepaid. So, what happened to the previous Simpati, Loop, and Kartu AS customers?

“The Simpati, Loop, and Kartu As card numbers, as well as the old ones, can still be used by customers, with basic services as before,” said Telkomsel VP Corporate Communications Denny Abidin.

“Meanwhile, the previous packages that still exist will adjust to the specifications and package prices in each brand,” he added.

In the future, customers of the three Simpati, Loop, and Kartu AS brands can still be used, without changing the mechanism in the previous service, be it top up vouchers, package offers, number active period, package validity period, tariff scheme and package variant.

However, conveyed by the man who is called Kang Abe, these customers will gradually equate in the future, namely to service and becoming customers. Telkomsel prepaid.

He gave an example, customers who usually type UMB with a different number, are now merged to *365#.

For internet packages, as of June 18, Telkomsel Prepaid has launched new package variants, such as UnlimitedMax, InternetMax and OMG! Chat, Social Media and Watch, which by category of service can be used by all Telkomsel Prepaid customers with the same price and package specifications for all customers.

Meanwhile, new starter packs that are still circulating in the market can still be used, and follow the benefits and brand schemes.

In addition to changes to prepaid customer service, Telkomsel also changed postpaid subscribers previously named Kartu Halo Becomes Telkomsel Hello.

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