Registration, Internet Packages, to Check Quota

Jakarta – Simultaneously with the introduction of the new logo Telkomsel, old products, such as Simpati, Loop, and Kartu As were merged into Telkomsel Prepaid. Here are all questions related to Telkomsel Prepaid, from card registration, package activation, internet package prices, to how to check Telkomsel Prepaid quota. The merging of prepaid brands is part […]

Telkomsel ‘turns off’ Simpati, Loop, and AS Cards, what about by.U’s fate?

Jakarta – Telkomsel just ‘turned off’ Sympathy, Loop, and the US Card which was then melted into Telkomsel Prepaid. What about fate by.U? by.U is a Telkomsel prepaid customer. It’s just that the concept is different, by.U is present as operator digital, in which the upstream to downstream process is performed digitally. In accordance with […]

Price of Telkomsel Prepaid Internet Package, Combined US Card, Simpati, and Loop

Jakarta – In terms of efficiency, Telkomsel merged its three products – Kartu AS, Sympathy and Loop – Becomes Telkomsel Prepaid. After joining, the price of internet packages offered by Telkomsel Prepaid will also change. Telkomsel VP Corporate Communications Denny Abidin said Kartu AS, Simpati and Loop customers can still use their numbers without any […]

Sympathy, Loop & US Card ‘Retired’, What’s the fate of its users?

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Telkomsel, a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (TLKM), has announced the integration of products and services including Telkomsel’s prepaid services namely Simpati, Kartu AS and Loop which is now Telkomsel Prepaid. Telkomsel also revealed the fate of the customers of the three cards after this efficiency was carried out. […]

Sympathy, Loops and Ace Cards are ‘turned off’, this is the fate of customers

Jakarta – Telkomsel has made product efficiency by merging three products, Sympathy, Loop, and Kartu AS become Telkomsel Prepaid. So, what happened to the previous Simpati, Loop, and Kartu AS customers? “The Simpati, Loop, and Kartu As card numbers, as well as the old ones, can still be used by customers, with basic services as […]

‘Yoon Stay’, energizer Choi Woo-sik and main chef Jung Yu-mi

[엔터미디어=정덕현] Maybe it’s because the hands and feet fit so well, I can feel even the relaxation. the t.v Entertainment <Yoon Stay>Is so different even though the atmosphere on the first day and the next day are different. first ‘Yoon Stay’Arriving in and adjusting to the kitchen, The process of preparing dinners for several guests […]

‘Alley Restaurant’, the surprise of Jinsang customers who made Baek Jong-won hold back

[엔터미디어=정덕현] SBS <Baek Jongwon’s Alley Restaurant>this ‘2020 Winter Special’Gongneung-dong Jjigaebaekbanjip, which was prepared for cheering and visited, was a store that warmed the hearts of viewers when it was aired.. Cooked warm rice every morning with soup, main dish, and 8Serving a side dish that can be eaten 6Alum house that receives 1,000 won. Even […]

‘Playing’ Kim Tae-ho, Yoo Jae-seok and music, because this combination is always unbeaten

[엔터미디어=정덕현] MBC Entertainment <What do you do when you play?>Is 2020The end of the year ‘Winter Song Rescue Operation’Decorated with. Thus, on the stage prepared with the concept of Jae-seok Yoo’s house, Mr.2of ‘White winter’This resonated, Tak Jae-hoon and Yoo Jae-seok ‘Happy Christmas’, ‘Oh Happy’Called. Next week, not only Kim Bum-soo, but Ailee, Yoon Jong […]

Usa: ‘Meghan Markle has presidential ambitions for 2024’ – Last Hour

(ANSA) – NEW YORK, 25 SEPT – Meghan Markle would have set her eyes on the White House. Vanity Fair reveals this, citing a source close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. According to the source, Meghan’s alleged presidential ambitions would be among the reasons she didn’t give up her American citizenship when she […]