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Swedish shooting case arrests and developments revealed in court documents

It has not been possible to question the shooting victim. The Swedish man in his 30s is still seriously injured in hospital after being hit by several shots.

Three men have been arrested and charged with attempted murder or complicity in this after the shooting in Moss on 28 November.

Court documents NRK has gained access to show that the first arrest in the case happened almost by chance.

After a knife incident inside a train station, the 25-year-old is arrested by Swedish police. What the police found on his mobile caused them to contact colleagues in Norway.

Photo: the police

On 3 December, the police outside Stockholm arrest a Syrian citizen (25) after he allegedly threatened a man with a knife at a train station.

This arrest would prove to be important for the Norwegian police as well.

Found traces on mobile

The man has previously been convicted a number of times. According to the documents NRK has gained access to, Swedish police believe the 25-year-old belongs to a criminal network.

NRK is not familiar with which network this will be.

After the arrest at the beginning of December, Swedish police examined the man’s mobile phone.

This is the phone the 25-year-old was wearing. According to what NRK has been informed, he is linked to the shooting in Moss, among other things, through data traffic.

Photo: the police

There they are said to have found messages and communications dealing with the serious shooting incident in Moss.

Norwegian police were therefore contacted.

– It was found on his phone that enabled us to link him to the shooting incident in Moss, police attorney Christian Finnanger confirms to NRK.

The Norwegian police were early on and reported that they linked the shooting to criminal, foreign networks.

According to what NRK is informed, the shooting victim can be linked to the Foxtrot network in Sweden.

Conflicts associated with the network have led to an explosive wave of violence in the neighboring country.

Two traveled to Norway

The arrest on 3 December was kept secret because the Norwegian police had two other people in the spotlight.

Witnesses to the shooting outside Mossehallen are said to have seen two people disappear from the scene in a dark car.

According to The evening paper this should have been a rental car that was tracked to a petrol station in Vetlanda in Småland in Sweden. The car is said to have been rented by a previously unpunished Swedish 19-year-old.

In the days before the shooting, the car must have driven between Norway and Sweden several times.

Only a short time after the shooting, the rental car should have been observed at the border crossing at Svinesund. It was then 17:35 in the afternoon. The police were notified about the shooting just before 17.00.

POLICE LAWYER: Christian Finnanger tells NRK that the first custody meeting in the case will take place this week.

Photo: Even Bjøringsøy Johnsen / NRK

On Sunday evening last week, the police campaigned in the Gothenburg area. Then the 19-year-old who rented the car and a 20-year-old were arrested and charged.

Neither of the two plead guilty, and one of them opposes extradition to Norway, Swedish court documents show.

According to what NRK is informed, the police believe that only two of the men traveled to Norway and carried out the attack. They must have arrived in Norway the day before the shooting took place.

Investigations are said to have revealed that the two men had booked a hotel room in Fredrikstad. During their stay, they received two parking fines. The fines are dated 27 and 28 November.

TRACED HERE: The men are said to have stayed in Fredrikstad the day before the shooting in Moss.

Photo: Benjamin Vorland Andersrød / NRK

With the help of electronic traces, the police also believe they can link the 25-year-old and the 20-year-old to Moss when the attempted murder took place.

Just before the 20-year-old was arrested in Sweden, the police observed that he was talking on a mobile phone.

This phone must also be handed over to Norway, according to the Swedish detention order.

The third accused – the one who rented the car – is not supposed to have been on the trip to Moss, according to the documents NRK has gained access to.

Linked to MC club

The 20-year-old who has been arrested has no previous criminal convictions, but will be a trial member, a so-called “prospect”, in Bandidos in Sweden.

The man has shared several photos on social media where he wears clothes with the well-known logo of the MC club.

According to the newspaper New Lindköpings-Tidningen the man has been part of the MC environment since this summer, and during the autumn he should have advanced in the club.

According to Swedish media, the 20-year-old has been pictured with a number of other Bandidos members in recent months.

Photo: private

Stuck in a trap?

A very central question is why the man in his 30s was shot outside Mossehallen.

A police theory is that the man was tricked into going to the crime scene and thought he was going to meet someone else there, NRK is informed.

Messages have been found on his phone stating when and where he was supposed to meet.

He received the last message he received just minutes before he was shot, Swedish court documents show.

Finnanger says that the police believe they have a good overview of the sequence of events, but do not want to say anything about what they believe is the motive for the shooting.

– Right there, we have several hypotheses that we are working on. It is too early to give further details about it, he says to NRK.


Norwegian police have requested the extradition of all three accused. Finnanger says that the first detention meeting could come as early as this week.

– We have requested extradition for all three. The one accused has consented to extradition, which means that he will be produced for custody next Friday, says Finnanger to NRK.

The police prosecutor says that it is about the accused 20-year-old.

The other of the two who were requested to be extradited yesterday has opposed extradition to Norway.

Finnanger says that there will be a further process in the Swedish legal system for him.

– Accused number three, who was arrested a few weeks ago, has another Swedish trial against him. This means that the process will take somewhat longer before the Norwegian police can hand him over. We are working with the Swedes and there is a common understanding of when and where it will happen, says Finnanger to NRK.

The man who was shot is Swedish, but is said to have been in Norway recently. He has been convicted a number of times.

In Norway, he has been convicted of, among other things, drug possession and fraud. In Sweden, he has been convicted of, among other things, violence, theft and robbery.

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