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Swallowing World 2: Reborn Officially Launched on Steam and PC with Vtuber Lucia Lucia as Character

China NetDragon announced today (21st) that the Three Kingdoms-themed MMORPG “Swallowing World 2: Reborn” is officially launched on Steam and PC. Not only has it launched a series of server opening activities and good rewards, the popular Vtuber Lucia Lucia has also become a character in the game. Military generals accompany players to experience the charm of the Three Kingdoms!

[The following contents are all from press releases provided by the manufacturer]

The super cute and light Three Kingdoms-themed MMORPG game “Swallowing World 2: Reborn” is officially launched today (2/21) for cross-platform play on STEAM and PC, and is available in both traditional and simplified Chinese language versions. The official has also specially launched various Server opening activities and good rewards provide players with full energy for charging and lay a good foundation for future development! NetDragon’s General Manager Lu Xuesen also expressed his vision for the launch of the game today, and hopes that this game will allow players to re-experience the charm of the Devouring World series!

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This time, a new system[Adventure Manual]was launched, which has aroused widespread response from players as soon as it was reported, and many optimized contents are included. I hope that old friends and new friends can join in the event and experience this touching experience together. In addition, the most anticipated cute general[Lucia Lucia]will also officially appear in the game. Players can study her skill configuration and suitable tactical gameplay! And this report also brings[TakeLuchaLuchaaroundtheworldofSwallowingTwo!】Gameactualvideoplayerswhohavenotyetcomeintocontactwiththisgamecanfollowthegeneral”LuciaLucia”totravelthroughvariousfamousscenesoftheThreeKingdomsinthegame!

The Lu army assembles![Lucia Lucia]The military commander makes a shining new appearance in the real-life video and travels into the lovely new Three Kingdoms!

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The much-anticipated new general[Lucha Luccha]also makes his debut today (2/21)! Players can use the[Recruit to Reveal Army]obtained after creating a horn! Take a break! 】Token to summon the cute and top-notch military general【Lucia Lucia】.

[Lucia Lucia]in the game is a water hero. Its active skills focus on powerful physical damage, and are equipped with debuffs, including weakening enemies to reduce their defense, slowing them down, or sealing enemy damage skills, which can be flexibly operated on the battlefield. Ability; and its passive skills are the ability to enhance physical defense, magic defense and strengthen basic attributes! If it can be cultivated and used properly,[Lucia Lucia]will be a powerful assistant for players to get through the novice period!

[Lucia Lucia]’s active skill is based on powerful physical damage, combined with various debuffs to make it difficult for the enemy to show his existing strength!

The passive skill names of[Lucia Luccha]are super interesting,[Lu Cha Lu Cha]strengthens its own defense, and[Tyrant Otter]and[Special Clean Water]strengthen its damage ability!

In addition, “Swallowing World 2: Birth Reborn” officially released today[TakeLuchaLuchaaroundtheworldofSwallowingWorld!】Thegame’sreal-lifevideo”LuciaLucia”willtravelwithplayerstovariousscenesintheworldofTunErinthevideoNotonlycantheyexperiencethedifferentstylesofthefourseasonsinthegamebuttheywillalsotakeyouonatouroftheThreeKingdomseraThemagnificentandfamousscenesincludetheTaoyuanwhereLiuGuanandZhangSanwereswornintheHulaoPasswherethethreeheroesfoughtagainstLuBuBowangSlopewhereZhugeKongmingcriedoutforvictoryinhisfirsttrialandtheDangyangBridgewhereZhangFeiandhismenwereabletoguardthepassBeforetheBattleofChibidifferentcampsshowedtheirspecialabilitiesinJiangxiaDazhai!Lookingbackonthosedaysdoesitalsogiveeveryoneastrongambitiontobuildgreatachievements?Jointhegamenowandbecomethedominantplayer!

The launch of the server launch event is full of sincerity, and we are fully prepared to sprint!

“Swallowing World 2: Reborn” is officially launched today. It has also prepared a variety of server opening activities and tips for quickly leveling up for all players. I offer you full blessings on your journey! Please see the following introduction:

[Novice Treasure Box]Full of sincerity[Lucha Luccha]is with you!

When the player creates a corner and enters the game, he will get the first gift[Novice Treasure Box]in the item bar! In addition to getting many practical props, you can also get the classic “Young General” and the cute[Lucia Lucia]! what are you waiting for? Come and take a ride on the eight-treasure steamer and open your bag of steamed stuffed buns. The 7-day free travel card allows you to truly play Tun 2 without limits. Take Lucha Lucha and the young generals to dominate the Three Kingdoms. Invite your friends to compete in the Central Plains together!

Collect Taoyuan Three Heroes doll packs and redeem them to get great gifts!

“Swallowing Heaven and Earth 2: Reborn” is also a blessing after its server launch. Log in to the game now and fight monsters to randomly drop “Taoyuan Three Heroes Doll Packs”. Collect a certain number to redeem the Croton Demon Birkin Pack, Thousand Machine Explosive Stones, and Military Commanders. Power up scrolls, fortune-enhancing talismans, running firecrackers, etc., you can easily upgrade and fight monsters to get good health, you can get many benefits in one fell swoop. Hurry up and create your own happy battlefield!

Use the small bounty to turn the big bounty into the big prize and have great fun!

“Swallowing World 2: Reborn” also has a new upgrade of the classic gameplay[Zhuanzhuanle]and all the new gifts. As long as you have 1 Swallowing Happy Coin, you will have a chance to win a super surprise, allowing you to play the game smoothly, with all kinds of benefits. Selected gold patterns, as well as gold armor face, gold armor face, generals’ true martial arts scroll, Tianshi Enlightenment Scroll, Tianshi Enlightenment Scroll, Exquisite Qianji Stone, top-grade Pioneer General’s Order, top-grade Xiliang black jade, top-grade Xiaolongju, top-grade The apricot blossoms are blooming, etc., etc., there are lots of good things on the plate, now go try your luck!

The lucky bag of military generals will bring you good luck. Famous generals from the Three Kingdoms are waiting for you to capture them!

In addition, the game is currently launching various value-for-money products in the mall[Jubao Pavilion]. For example, as long as you spend a small amount, you will have the opportunity to get the level 50 “Top Lucha Lucha” military commander, as well as “Chen Gong”, “Mrs. Mi”, “Li Dian”, “Ling Chao”, “Dong Piaopiao”, “Xi Zhicai”, “Dong Feng”, “Jiang Qin” and other famous generals from the Three Kingdoms are all here<武將隨機福袋Ⅰ>, giving you endless surprises! For more value-for-money products, players are encouraged to take advantage of the server launch promotion period to snap up!

Many high-quality military commanders are selected to launch[Dark Demon Joan of Arc]to make a shocking debut!

Do you want to take “Dark Demon Joan of Arc” to defeat all the invincible opponents in the world? Or are you also particularly tempted by “Little Liu Bei”, “Gao Shun in the Battle”, “Hua Xiong, the Overlord of Kansai”, and “Wen Chou, the Evil Dead Man”? The limited-time recharge promotions are also launched during the opening of the server. Now you can grab the selected super-high-quality generals at once!

Tips for beginners to quickly clear levels: the road to hero will be smooth from now on!

In addition to the rich server launch activities, in this report we have also prepared tips for quick clearance for all beginners. Remember to change jobs when your character reaches level 10, and decide that you will choose the four major career paths of general, hero, ghost schemer, and healer in the future; At level 11, you must obtain and learn to use the Luban Box. This is the key to automatic practice! At level 15, you can pass the boundary bridge guarded by Gongsun Zan painlessly. Don’t forget to learn “riding skills” at level 20, allowing players to ride on mounts and move faster! As long as you complete the above content step by step, you will be able to embark on a thrilling adventure on your own!

General Manager Lu sincerely looks forward to returning to Swallow World for new excitement!

“Swallowing World 2: Reborn” is officially launched. General Manager Lu Xuesen, the owner of the developer “NetDragon”, not only has high hopes for the game, but also expresses his deep expectations. He said that the Swallowing World series IP has been launched in many versions since the Online era, and the game content of each version has given players different memories. “Swallowing World 2: Reborn” hopes that by being launched on the STEAM platform, the game can reach players around the world and spread more joy of playing games. It also hopes to activate the Swallowing World IP and keep up with the times. Enter! Finally, General Manager Lu also hopes that players can regain the initial touch of playing “Swallowing World” from the game!

The launch of “Reborn 2: Reborn” is full of surprises. Join now!

“Swallowing World 2: Reborn” is officially launched today. The game supports cross-platform play on both STEAM and PC, and is available in both traditional and simplified Chinese languages. The game currently also provides a variety of server opening activities for players to participate in. In addition to the[Novice Treasure Box]that will be given as soon as you create a corner, the general[Lucia Luccha]will accompany all players on their adventures, and the “Taoyuan Three Heroes Doll Pack” is collected The event also allows players to collect and redeem valuable gifts.

The Zhuanzhuanle mini-games with extremely high CP value, various general gift packs, and selected generals with stored-value discounts are also on sale! Players who have not yet joined can also refer to[TakeLuchaLuchaaroundtheworldofTunEr!】GameactualvideoappreciatethecutenessandbeautyoftheworldofSwallowingTwo!Foralldetailedactivitymethodsandgame-relatedcontentplayersareinvitedtogototheofficialgamewebsiteandfanclubtofindout!

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