Suspended in Singapore Following South Korean Case, Flu Vaccine Safe?


Already 59 South Koreans have reportedly died after injections flu vaccine. The increasing number of deaths has raised concerns about vaccine safety even though the government insists there is no link with vaccine safety.

South Korea has confirmed that the death of South Koreans after injecting the increasing number of people has nothing to do with vaccines. The flu vaccination program in the midst of a pandemic is solely carried out to prevent health systems that are at risk of being affected when dealing with cases of flu and COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Singapore suspended 2 brands flu vaccine as an effort to be alert. The two are SKYCellflu Quadrivalent from AJ Biologics and VaxigripTetra from Sanofi.

Actually, is the flu vaccine safe to use?

Former Director of Infectious Diseases of the WHO South-East Asia Region, Prof. Dr. Tjandra Yoga Aditama, emphasized that the flu vaccine is still safe to use. He believes there are no significant problems at risk from the flu shot.

“If I say yes (it’s still safe). Because it has been used for a long time, so far there has been no significant problem,” he explained when contacted by, Monday (26/10/2020).

“So what is important now is that we are waiting for the results of the number of people who died in Korea. I think they will not take too long to provide the results of their analysis,” he explained.

Should it stop first?

According to Prof. Tjandra, it is necessary to be careful in responding to this case. He also highlighted that Singapore chose to suspend flu vaccinations.

“We do not have the data on the death because of what, so we cannot quickly take a judgment. But if you want to be careful, like Singapore, while waiting for research, just stop the vaccine brand first,” said Prof. Tjandra.

Of the residents who died, some were identified as having died of a heart. What are the underlying health conditions that cause a person to be at risk of harm when being vaccinated?

Flu vaccine This has been given for a long time and people who have comorbidities have also been given to prevent those with serious illnesses from catching the flu, so that their serious illnesses do not get worse, “he concluded.

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