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Survive every season! You could be a “Super Dodger”. Risks every wave of covids, but not blocked.

It is undeniable that the epidemicCOVID-19 In the past three years, there have been a large number of cases and deaths in all parts of the world. Several violent outbreaks have occurred over the years. With each wave, a new infected person spreads widely. The latest number of infected people worldwide is 618 million (as of 21 September).

However, some people are still “survivingaddicted to covid“Come every wave. This could include health care workers who spend months working among infected patients. Or even someone who sleeps with a sick partner, if you have one.high risk exposure But he still survived the covid infection for so long. You may be a group of people calledSuper Dodger”That scientists may want to hear from you.

A team of COVID Human Genetic Effort scientists are working together to find a link to the number of COVID-19 cases. in the United States for the prevalence of antibodies. gathering information according to the report of “US Centers for Disease Control (CDC)” and set the experimental problem that “Can a person develop antibodies to SARS-CoV-2 from infection?”

An experimental study was then conducted in which tissue samples were taken from people who claimed they were never infected with the coronavirus. It comes from a commercial laboratory in the United States. taken to examine and analyzeResults (as of September 13) indicate 57.7% of samples tested were infected with SARS-CoV-2 at least once but show no symptoms

When restricted to under 18s only, it is estimated that 79% of the samples tested were previously infected with SARS-CoV-2 but showed no symptoms.

The study results proved that There is a small number of people in the United States. who seems to be able to avoid infection (Here they don’t know they are infected. because there are no symptoms) So why? For this answer, the scientists analyzed two reasons:

first There is a possibility that people who believe they have never been infected with COVID-19 will suffer an asymptomatic infection without knowing it which researchers consider very common and undoubtedly likely to occur.

According to Genetic factors may be involved. Since the start of the pandemic It is clear that COVID-19 can make some people seriously ill while some people have flu-like symptoms. And some people notice almost no symptoms, which varies from person to person. it can be caused by many reasons But the most important factor is probably genetics.

If we examine the reasons for the second paragraph further, we find that a large-scale international search has uncovered 13 points of the genetic code in the human genome. linked to disease sensitivity and severity in people with COVID-19 It found that up to 20% of people have genetics that react strongly to coronavirus.

While some people, although also infected with COVID, do not show any symptoms. or have few symptoms Studies have found thisThese people have a gene called “HLA-B * 15: 0” in their body cells. They are more likely to be infected with COVID-19 asymptomatically.

As a result, a team of scientists believe it’s possible that some people are naturally immune to COVID-19, whereas previously they were not immune to COVID-19. They therefore want to study and find answers to COVID-19 genetics. to understand How does the genetic basis of our immune system affect COVID-19?

They are also particularly keen to contact people who have not experienced coronavirus symptoms once. Despite repeated exposure to high-risk COVID-19 patients, a team of scientists believe they will gain invaluable knowledge. on the fight against COVID-19 which is still spreading around the world now According to the study, these people appeared to be resistant to infections.

“This discovery will allow us to develop new methods. in the fight against this epidemic through better and faster diagnosis This has led to the development of new drugs for the treatment and prevention of infections. including new ways to develop vaccines and a better understanding of how infections work in the body; AndTo achieve all these goals We urgently need your help.said the COVID Human Genetic Effort team.


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