Dr Thira pointed out that the EU Long COVID report is a real problem.

Dr. Thira Woratanarat, Lecturer at Chulalongkorn University Faculty of Medicine Post via Facebook Thira Woratanarat today (December 14) to the European Union (EU) report which examined academic data from around the world on the Long COVID problem, pointing out that Long COVID is a problem. And it affects both the patient and society after being […]

Don’t Misunderstand Covid-19 with the Common Flu, these are different symptoms

Many examples have emerged where Covid-19 was misunderstood as the common cold. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Health experts are still monitoring the omicron variant of the Covid-19 infection. The public is asked not to be careless and continue to obey health protocols, such as wearing masks, maintaining hand hygiene, and getting the third dose of vaccination […]

Chest Pain One of the Symptoms of Infection with Omicron? This is the explanation

loading… Chest pain can be one of the symptoms that a person feels when infected with the Covid-19 virus, especially the Omicron variant. Photo Illustration/MedicineNet JAKARTA – Chest pain can be one of the symptoms that a person feels when infected with the virus Covid-19 , especially the variant Omicron . If that’s what you […]

Pregnant women infected with Covid-19 are at risk of developing preeclampsia

loading… JAKARTA – Pregnant mother which infected with Covid-19 higher risk of getting preeclampsia , pregnancy complications characterized by high blood pressure persistent, usually in the second half of pregnancy or soon after delivery. Reporting from Medical Xpress, Tuesday (7/9) this disorder can cause serious problems for both mother and baby. This is based on […]

Beware of the Symptoms of Covid-19 Not Typical for the Elderly

The elderly tend to be sleepy, talk gibberish, don’t connect, sleep more often, wet the bed REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA–Elderly infected with Covid-19 can experience: typical symptoms or non-specific symptoms. Other family members must pay close attention to the emergence of Covid-19 symptoms in children elderly to immediately consult a doctor or health care facility. “We must […]