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Surprised to know that his wife gave birth secretly, the fact turned out to be even more shocking


Children are usually the most beautiful gift that many couples look forward to. But instead of telling her husband about her pregnancy, this woman actually hid it until she gave birth secretly.

Launching eva.vn from Sohu News, this married couple from Sichuan province, China initially had a harmonious household life. The husband, surnamed Xu, and his wife, surnamed Wang, have known each other since they were in junior high school.

The two of them began to be attracted to each other and had a romantic relationship after graduating and starting work. After dating for some time, Xu and Wang decided to get married. Shortly after their marriage they had a child.

But apparently Xu and Wang’s married life was not always smooth. After having children, Xu and Wang started experiencing economic problems. Therefore, both of them must be busy working.

Because of Xu and Wang’s busy lives, gradually their feelings and relationship between husband and wife became bland. Both of them also began to lose trust in each other.

Until one day when Xu just got home from work, he was surprised to find out that his wife had given birth to a second child. Seeing her husband, Wang immediately told her that she had just given birth to her second child and the baby was healthy.

Instead of being happy, Xu became confused and started to feel suspicious of his wife’s attitude. The reason is that his wife never told her about her pregnancy until she suddenly gave birth. Xu so thought if there must be a secret that he did not know.

Xu then thought that the child might not be his. But the wife insisted that the baby was Xu’s child. Wang said that while she was pregnant her husband’s family did not treat her well, so she moved to her mother’s house for a while and did not tell anyone about her pregnancy.

Wang also said that if Xu wanted to check his blood relationship with his second child, he would have to wait months. However, after calculating the time of his wife’s pregnancy, Xu realized that at that time he was working in a remote place and not with his wife. This then made Xu even more suspicious, thinking that his wife might be having an affair.

Continuing to be pressured by questions from her husband, Wang also said that if they no longer trusted each other then it would be better to divorce. But Xu still insisted that even though he was divorced he still had to find out whose child it was.

In the end Xu and Wang took the baby for a DNA test. Making Xu even more surprised, it turned out that the results of the DNA test revealed that he and the baby who was his second child were indeed not related by blood at all.

Feeling completely devastated because his wife turned out to be a traitor, Xu decided to divorce. Xu and Wang divorced amicably. Wang was responsible for compensating Xu in the amount of IDR 110 million.

Wang also finally admitted that the baby was his son and his boss. While on a business trip together, Wang and his boss had a one night stand. But when she was pregnant, Wang wasn’t sure who the father of the child was, so she didn’t dare say it.

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