Surabaya City Government Takes Anticipatory Steps to Prevent Mysterious Pneumonia

Surabaya-The Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) through the Surabaya City Health Service (Dinkes) has taken a number of anticipatory steps to prevent the emergence of mysterious pneumonia in the City of Heroes. Therefore, the city government appealed to the public to be aware of mysterious pneumonia.

“For cases in the city of Surabaya, until now there have been no reports regarding the findings of cases suspected of being caused by mysterious pneumonia,” said Head of the Surabaya City Health Service (Dinkes), Nanik Sukristina, Thursday (7/12/2023).

Even though no cases of mysterious pneumonia have been found in the city of Surabaya, Nanik explained a number of anticipatory steps taken by the Surabaya City Health Office, including issuing a circular (SE) to all health service facilities (Fasyankes) throughout the city of Surabaya to increase communication, information and education efforts. (KIE) to the community regarding clean and healthy living behavior (PHBS), as well as implementing health protocols in a strict and disciplined approach.

“Increasing early awareness, as well as increasing standards in infection prevention and control efforts in all health facilities, especially for cases of suspected pneumonia,” he explained.

Not only that, the Surabaya City Health Office also continues to disseminate information regarding awareness of the mysterious pneumonia disease and the importance of Pneumococcal Conjugate Vaccine (PCV) immunization in the National Immunization program which is given 2 (two) times at the age of 2-11 months and 1 (one) ) times at the age of 12-24 months as an effort to prevent pneumonia through health facilities in each region.

“We urge health facilities to report any cases of suspected mysterious pneumonia to the Surabaya City Health Service in less than 24 hours,” he said.

Therefore, he appealed to the public, if someone has a history of travel to an infected country/region and has symptoms of pneumonia, such as dry cough or phlegm, fever >38 degrees Celsius, shortness of breath, chest pain when breathing, fatigue, appetite decreased, nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, to immediately report and seek treatment at the nearest health facility.

“We also monitor the development of cases and infected countries at the global level through the official website of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, namely,” he concluded.

2023-12-07 23:42:59
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