President Zelensky and Ukraine’s Negotiations with Putin: Determining the Future of the War

President Volodymyr Zelensky must determine how and when this war will end, as well as whether Ukraine is ready to negotiate peace with Putin diplomatically and on what terms.

Source: White House National Security Council Coordinator John Kirby, “Ukrinform

Details: Asked if it was time for Ukraine to consider negotiations with Russia given Congress’s failure to accept new aid, Kirby said: “You will be completely unhappy with my answer. President Zelensky must determine how and when this war will end, and “What conditions is he ready to negotiate with Putin?”

He noted that Ukraine remains under the threat of a massive presence of Russian troops, and their number is only increasing as the Kremlin recruits more and more new people ready to attack Ukraine.

The Russians probably aren’t going to just sit in defensive positions throughout the winter, he said.

Kirby noted that the Ukrainian side, for its part, is seeking to gain more opportunities not only to defend itself, but also to launch a counteroffensive. Therefore, it is the President of Ukraine who must determine what their future strategy will look like.

Direct speech: “What we want from the beginning of this conflict is to be sure that he (President Zelensky – ed.) has the tools for this. And these tools are about to exhaust themselves.”

2023-12-07 22:18:00
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