Support the Studio Kino by buying a ticket for the ghost show.

Normally this would be by far the hottest phase in the cinema.

The Oscar-nominated films would take over the role of film one by one.

Unfortunately, this year it looks more like a classic western scene in the cinema and even a Soderbergh or Tarantino couldn’t have shot the scenario in 2020 better.

Since going to the cinema is not possible in the current situation, we have come up with an idea with which you can support us a little and which maybe gives a little feeling of normality.

Ghost performance on January 31st at 8:00 p.m.


Of course, you can also buy the tickets during our popcorn-to-go opening times.

Do you want to support us and chase away the evil spirits from 2020 with us?

Then join in and get your tickets for our Ghostland – GEISTERVORSTELLUNG – Winter Edition

The purchase of a ticket does NOT entitle you to visit the displayed performance, but:

– By buying a ticket you also meet the strictest Corona requirements
– The purchase is made contactless online.
– As the buyer of a ticket, you stay at home and thus avoid the risk of infection and above all: you are helping your cinema to get through the pandemic!
– With the income from ticket sales, we will pay the wages of those who are not entitled to short-time work benefits Continue paying employees from your own resources!
– As a small thank you, everyone who received their ticket for the ghost performance within Show a small bag of popcorn for free at the box office 8 weeks after reopening after the lockdown!

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