Supernova Takes Over Real Estate from Kika/Leiner in Austrian Trade Deal

It is a bang in the Austrian trade. Kika/Leiner takes over their Supernova group. How did that happen?
FRANK ALBERT: As Supernova, we will take over the real estate, not the operational business. An experienced management team led by Hermann Wieser will take care of that. We are real estate companions, that is our main business, we have many years of expertise there, as we have also proven around the former Baumax locations. We were already interested in the real estate five years ago, when René Benko was awarded the contract with Signa.

How many properties are there?
It’s 48 properties, not just furniture stores.

How does it go from here?
The Kika/Leiner company finds itself in a tense situation. Intensive discussions will now follow in order to take the next steps in the restructuring. But as I said, we as Supernova will have nothing to do with the operational part. However, it is never in our interest to break down a company into 1000 parts, but rather to have a sustainably successful company as a rental partner.

Stationary retail is currently struggling with many challenges, from inflation to cost explosions in many areas – how do you assess the situation?
The situation is certainly challenging, not only for stationary retail, but for the entire economy and society. We observe the sales development of our trading partners on a monthly basis and see surprisingly positive developments here. Stationary retail is alive and will continue to be an important part of our society.

What does this takeover mean for the Supernova Group, the current portfolio value is 1.85 billion euros, how much does this deal increase?
Due to the agreement regarding the purchase price, we cannot answer this question.

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2023-06-02 10:07:28
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