Superbonus, holiday bonus, cash limit and Pos obligation: the news of July

What changes

Not a d-day, but July 1st is a crucial deadline for some key measures launched by the government. The next few hours mark the way for some of the interventions prepared by the Conte executive through deficit-financed decrees, to deal with the Covid emergency, as well as the start of other measures approved in the latest Budget law.

The relaunch decree of last May provides, for example,the 110% superbonus for energy efficiency measures on buildings, although some changes remain to be made, which will be introduced by Parliament when the decree is converted. Always from tomorrow the holiday bonus up to 500 euros starts, contested by some for the complexity of a procedure that requires you to download an app and that allows you to get the discount for only 80% of the bonus value, the remaining 20% ​​is in the form of a tax credit. A certain measure is the tax wedge cut, which brings the old Renzi bonus from 80 to 100 euros.
With the date of tomorrow the reduction of the ceiling on the use of cash from 3 to 2 thousand euros, while formerchants snaps the 30% tax credit on bank fees applied on pos. (Andrea Ducci)

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