Super big! 22-gram fishing line


A fisherman from Queensland, Australia found giant animal Super big red emperor snapper, weighing just 22 kg!

Ed Falconer, who is also a chartered operator, was fishing in Rainbow Beach, southeast Queensland earlier this week. When the fishing rod was attracted by something heavy, Ed was eager to welcome him.

He did not think if the results of the provocation were very large. Ed said he struggled to transport the fish to his boat. It took about 20 minutes for Ed to ‘wrestle’ until the 104 cm long fish could be transported.

“From how to fight it, I thought giant animal what was caught was a large cod. It turned out that the red emperor’s snapper, “his story was quoted as saying in the Daily Mail.

According to Ed’s confession, for 30 years he fished in these waters, this was his biggest catch. Previously, the biggest fish he had ever caught weighed 19 kg.

“We often catch fish weighing 8 kg, 10 kg, 12 kg. But this one, very big. This is a catch once in a lifetime,” he said.

Ed submitted his catches for scientific research purposes. Photo: Facebook / Keely Rose Fishing

Although he was very impressed with the results of the provocation, Ed did not want to make the fish a meal. Ed chose to donate it for the sake of science.

Ed hoped that his catch was not wasted in order to open up wider knowledge about the types of red emperor fish.

“I donated it to Queensland Fisheries so that scientists can examine how these creatures live,” he said.

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Donation giant animal this was welcomed by researchers. Jeff Johnson, a fish expert from the Queensland Museum, said the 22 kg fish fits the research record of the type of red emperor discovered in 1962.

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