Summer vacation 2021: book now? Or do you prefer to wait?

Updated: 05.01.2021 – 21:16

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Book summer vacation for 2021: is it a good idea now?

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The corona pandemic will undoubtedly be with us for a while. Can you still travel in summer? And is it a good idea to book your summer vacation 2021 now?

Will a partial return to normal actually be possible from summer? One hopes for it – and already plans the summer vacation. Smart or hasty?

The new year has barely started when many are already looking forward to summer. But this year the longing is more than just the desire for some warmth in the seasons of darkness and cold: In times of permanent lockdown and in view of the constantly high corona numbers, waiting for summer is for many to be equated with hope for a return to normal. And so some can even overcome what they didn’t really dare to do in 2020: forging travel plans! But is it really a good idea that Can you book your summer holiday 2021 now?

Travel planning for 2021: what to look out for when booking your summer vacation

Sure, booking a summer vacation is often not that uncomplicated anyway. It takes time to make the best possible choice of destination, means of transport and hotel. But in Corona times, planning a trip has become an organizational masterpiece. With us you will find out which factors you should keep in mind when planning …

The right travel destination

As always, the most important factor when planning a vacation this year is the travel destination. Except that in 2021 this will not depend solely on your personal taste (and budget). You should pay particular attention to whether the travel destination of your choice is classified as a risk area. A travel warning is usually issued for risk areas. This is not to be equated with a ban: you are still allowed to enter. However, there are various restrictions on you: For example, when you return to Germany you have to be tested for Corona and probably also go into quarantine. A list of all risk areas can be found on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.

You must of course also find out which entry rules the respective country has imposed itself. You can find this information on the website of the Federal Foreign Office, for example. Some countries require negative PCR tests upon entry (this can even be the case during transit, i.e. if you change aircraft in this country) or send you to quarantine first.

If you find it too risky to plan a trip to another country, you might be toying with a vacation in Germany. That will not be uncommon in 2021: According to the Hamburg futurologist Horst Opaschowski, more than two thirds of Germans plan to stay at home or go on vacation in Germany in 2021. Recreation in the home country could therefore be much sought after – and accordingly expensive.

The right insurance

It is also easy to lose track of the necessary insurance. Which insurances are necessary – and which ones can you do without? These insurances are recommended:

  • A Foreign health insurance ensures that you will receive optimal medical care when you are abroad. She pays for treatment costs and, depending on the insurance, also organizes the return transport to Germany, should this be necessary. But beware: The tourism expert Tamara Land points out in an interview with SWR3 point out that some tariffs contain a pandemic exclusion. This means that in the event of Covid19 they will not work. Before you take out the insurance, you should definitely clarify this.
  • A Travel cancellation insurance also makes sense. But even here you have to be careful: the insurance only takes effect if you have a valid reason to interrupt your trip, for example if a close relative dies or if you are sick yourself. However, if you have to be quarantined as a precaution, for example because you are the contact person for someone with Covid19, the insurance does not apply.
  • Tourism expert Tamara Land also mentions that it is now tailored to the pandemic Corona insurance packages gives. These are a bit more expensive, but recommended in view of the current situation.

What about the vaccination?

The corona vaccinations have started – and although we are still a long way from widespread vaccinations, the question is already now whether there will be special rights for vaccinated people. Politicians advise against it, but it is quite possible that private providers such as airlines or hotel operators only make their services available to those who can prove a corona vaccination. You should keep this in mind – especially if you want to travel with children. Children are currently not vaccinated against Covid19. It is still unclear whether such restrictions by private providers – if they will exist at all – also apply to them.

Very important: the cancellation policy

With cancellation conditions it is like with almost everything small print: You like to skip reading them. But right now you should take a closer look – even if it is tedious. Tamara Land points out that even if it is generally possible to cancel the trip at a later point in time, there is sometimes a deadline for this: It is possible that you can still cancel your summer vacation in March, but not in August .

Normally, flat-rate (!) Trips to countries for which a travel warning is issued can be canceled free of charge. The tourism expert points out, however, that it could be difficult to enforce this: After all, the circumstances due to the corona pandemic are already exceptional worldwide. Tour operators could argue that the customer consciously accepted the risk.

Book your summer holiday 2021 now – a good idea?

As you can see, booking your summer vacation 2021 now is a very uncertain thing. In view of the fact that nobody can say for sure how the vaccinations will go on and how the corona situation will develop worldwide until summer, it is probably advisable to postpone larger (and more expensive!) Trips for another year. Instead, you could plan your summer vacation in Germany – or wait to see if you can find a cheap spontaneous offer later in the year, when the situation is more foreseeable.

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Our editor did it differently. She flew on vacation – despite the pandemic. You can find her report on vacation in lockdown here.

Further news and information about the coronavirus can be found on our topic page.

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