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The second “Farm” week is over, and on Sunday it was Sulekha Geele (36) who had to leave the farm after losing in sawing against her “bitter enemy” Grethe Enlid (49).

The last week in particular, there has been a very, very bad mood between the two – and also between Geele and Tina Teien (38), who chose to retire in Tuesday’s episode.

– What happened, Sulekha?

– I was very kind to Grethe despite the fact that she hit me under the belt. She walked behind my back, claiming I was talking about her. But I myself supported her. I said she was a wonderful lady. Tall and athletic. But she claimed I was talking shit about her.

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– Shoot me from the side

The “Farmen” recording is finally over, and Dagbladet can therefore name everyone involved in this case without revealing program content. We meet them in the final place in connection with the completion of the grand final.

To Dagbladet, Grethe Enlid is clear that she has never talked “shit” about Sulekha.

– The only thing I have said is that it had to be either me or her who traveled. It was simply about my well-being. My and her personality did not match at all, and the thought of living together for weeks was hard to imagine. Then I just thought it was fair that we took that fight, she thinks.

CRITICAL: The repatriated

CRITICAL: The repatriated “Farmen” participant is critical of how she was treated by some inside the farm. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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However, Sulekha Geele claims that she did not even know that Enlid wanted her out in the fight.

– I was surprised. I realized that Tina really wanted to push me, but I had no idea that Grethe was “there” too. I was shocked, and simply have no respect for Grethe, she has no integrity, she believes.

The 36-year-old continues:

– Tina was horrible from day one, while Grethe shot me from the side.

Can not be broken

Tina Teien, who withdrew from “The Farm” on Tuesday, has, like Enlid, heard all the hard-hitting statements from 36-year-old Geele. Teien does not want to say much about what is being said.

– What Sulekha says here really has no roots in reality. Everyone on the farm knows that. And that is exactly what has become quite clear to TV viewers as well. These are facts, she tells Dagbladet

Grethe Enlid agrees with Teien, and does not recognize herself in the claims of her duel opponent.

– If Sulekha thinks I do not have integrity, then she can only mean it. For me, “The Farm” is a game, and then I think it is not common to tell the whole world who you choose as a second giant. You try as best you can to keep the cards close to your chest. It was solely my feelings.

However, Geele believes that a lot happened on the farm that the cameras did not capture.

– I felt bullied behind the camera. They said “pick it up there” and such, but excuse me – I’m not their assistant. They pushed, pushed and pushed me behind the camera. I just said I withdrew from the discussions. And when the cameras came, they teased me in the hope that I would appear crazy on TV. But it takes quite a lot for me to end up there, says the repatriated “Farmen” profile, which is also full of praise for the other girls on Steinsjøen farm.

– I really did not like that Grethe thought I had too much self-confidence. We girls should support and cheer on each other. It’s not possible to break me.

LOST: Sulekha Geele is out of

LOST: Sulekha Geele is out of “The Farm” after losing Sunday’s duel. Now «Torpet» is waiting. Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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Enlid shakes her head in despair over the allegations that she has bullied the competitor.

– To this I really have only one thing to say: There was quite a lot going on in front of the camera that has not been shown on TV. And Sulekha should be very happy about that. It would not exactly be to her advantage.

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Regrets the duel branch

After losing Sunday’s duel, Geele gave a hug to almost all the remaining participants – except for his opponent. In retrospect, there is one thing in particular she regrets.

– I should have taken an ax throw, and I regret it now. Anyway, I’ve won many fights my life, and a duel doesn’t mean much to me. This duel was a match between Sulekha and Sulekha, not Sulekha and Grethe. I was left as a winner anyway. After losing, I said that “Grethe won the battle, but I won the war.” She knows that too. She was at war with herself, because she could not stand me. I treat her to this victory from the bottom of my heart. Because she needs self-confidence.

– Grethe?

– I can not but admit that Sulekha and I were a very bad match. But I have never been naughty, ugly or bullied her in any way. I actually wish her all the best, and I also wished her luck in the duel – something she did not do back. When it comes to self-esteem, I think most people who know me know how it is with my self-esteem. And I live well with that.

Bullied growing up

The quarrels in “The Farm”, however, are just peanuts in relation to what Sulekha Geele experienced in her tough childhood.

The fight against injustice is deep in the woman who came to Norway from Somalia in 1992, almost seven years old.

– I grew up in a harsh climate. I came straight from bullet rain and war to Norway, where I quickly experienced being different and outside. With my background, I could tolerate a lot, but I fought back if people did not show me respect – literally, she says.

COLLAR;  SNAPP, SNUTE: An intense saw competition ended in victory for Grethe Enlid (right).  Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2

COLLAR; SNAPP, SNUTE: An intense saw competition ended in victory for Grethe Enlid (right). Photo: Alex Iversen / TV 2
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Sulekha tells openly about the bullying she was subjected to at school. The bullying took place over the course of four years – from the age of eight until she was twelve years old.

– I stand out, both in terms of appearance and personality. And it is the case that people who do not like a person with a strong character, will quickly try to make it an enemy.

– No friends

She describes young Sulekha as a very thin girl. And the bullies knew how to exploit her appearance.

– I was called matches, toothpicks, spaghetti, long bones and giraffes. I have been called a lot of weird in addition to the well-known racist characteristics, such as pack ice and negroes, says the “Farm” profile.

– There I had to show the others that if they put one finger on me, then I put ten on them back. I had no friends. I beat a lot of guys. Dad used to pick me up at the principal’s office. “What have you done today?” He asked after I had been in another fight. “No, I was bullied,” says Sulekha.

Interpreter and own podcast

Today she helps others who are living in a difficult situation. For the past 15 years, she has worked as an interpreter for young people who, like her, have fled war and misery.

– There are sometimes very traumatic stories – young people who have experienced a lot. I really feel with them. All the injustice and bureaucracy they have to go through. I recognize myself in the stories. I have at least two good pieces of advice for them: Learn the Norwegian language, and get out to work, says Sulekha with a smile.

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The Oslo woman also runs her own podcast – “Sue Me” – on Spotify, where she openly shares her life, for better or worse. Sulekha still has a lot to work on, and she makes no secret of the fact that she is in therapy.

– I think it’s good. I myself have experienced a lot, but I really think it is a matter of course that everyone should try therapeutic treatment during their lifetime. I discovered it a little late, unfortunately. Getting married as a 22-year-old may not have been a smart idea, Sulekha admits.

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