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Suarez admits: “I recommended Neymar to join this club, but he did not follow my advice and regrets today”

The model and footballer decided to take a break and surprise their little ones with this incredible experience.

Georgina Rodriguez has made headlines again, but this time, not for her business skills or her stunning style.

On this occasion, the famous celebrity shared a series of images that had a great impact on the international press and on her millions of followers because she dared to show a side of her life that very few people know.

Georgina Rodriguez, Cristiano Ronaldo and their five children took a flight to an unknown destination and decided to take advantage of the time spent on the plane to make it unforgettable.

The successful businesswoman shared with her followers some family photos that touched everyone.

In addition to showing off her luxurious private jet and the incredible outfit she chose for this occasion, Georgina Rodríguez posed in front of the cameras with her children – showing her most tender and protective side – and with Cristinao Ronaldo, immortalizing a extremely romantic and private relationship. moment.

The Argentinian-born model was shown hugging her partner, while he smiled warmly at her. Another of the images that moved the most was the one featuring four of Georgina Rodriguez’s children.

Apparently, children really like traveling by plane. Their mother managed to capture them while they were playing together and laughing, happy about the adventure they were having with their parents.

Despite their age difference, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partner clarified that their little ones have very good relationships with each other.

However, Georgina Rodríguez also starred in her funny moment, posing for the camera while sticking her tongue out. Although the Argentinian-born model usually has a serious and delicate profile, this family moment allowed her to relax and share her simplest and most authentic side with her millions of followers, which her fans celebrated with hundreds of comments.

Although the fate of Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo is unknown, everything indicates that they took a few days off.

After spending several grueling weeks, which required the successful businesswoman to leave her home for several days, the family was finally able to organize a trip in which they would all be together and which would allow them to regain energy for the rest of the year.

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