Liam Gallagher, story of a comeback on Arte

The singer tells frankly “after Oasis” in the unpublished documentary “Liam Gallagher: As it Was” broadcast by the Franco-German channel this Friday, April 9 at 10:35 pm.

From the opening ofAs It Was, subtitle The Greatest Comeback in rock’n’roll history, Liam Gallagher sets the tone: “I’m not doing this for the fame, I’m already famous enough, or to make more money, but because I love music“. In 2017, the ex-leader of Oasis released his first solo album As You Were. It’s been eight years since the group he formed, notably with his brother Noel, broke up during the Rock en Seine festival in Paris. In the documentary by Gavin Fitzgerald and Charlie Lightening, Liam Gallagher recounts, probably with less arrogance than in the past and a little more humility, the path that led him to pursue his career on his own.

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«For me it was Oasis until death“, He launches when we talk about the group in which he sang for nearly twenty years. Liam Gallagher looks back on the evening during which his brother slammed the door and at the same time signed the end of this musical training. They haven’t seen each other since. “For the moment, I still blame him, he sabotaged my group»He judges. Neither one nor two, the singer continues with Beady Eye, a group that he sets up with other members of Oasis. But they split up when the second album was being promoted. “In twenty years, it was the first time that I found myself without a group», He confides. There are also personal problems, since at that time he is in the middle of a divorce. “He was very depressedHer mother, Peggy remembers.

“For me, it was Oasis until death”

Liam Gallagher

It was then that he met Debbie Gwyther, who would become his partner and manager. “She said to me: “shake yourself up a bit and get back to the music”», He indicates. As luck would have it, a stopover in an Irish pub will give rise to a video that will be widely circulated: we see Liam Gallagher interpreting Bold, an unreleased track, accompanying himself on the guitar. The one who had sung his brother’s words in the days of Oasis began to write a few songs. “What I like is making music, I don’t know how to do anything else (…) I want to sing good old rock’n’roll, it’s the only thing that keeps me from farting. sinkers», He sums up.

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Throughout the concerts given by Liam Gallagher (notably at the Glastonbury festival where he met with great success and which propelled his solo album to the top of sales), sequences of the artist slip by with his own. “He attaches great importance to familySays Debbie. Her mother, Peggy, adds: “He is considerate and caring, especially with his children“. A morning jog sequence follows on the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. “At 20, no rock star worthy of the name does this kind of thing (…) I’m not the last to raise my elbow but I know how to go to bed now», Recognizes the one who released a second solo album, Why Me? Why Not , in 2019.

And Noel Gallagher in all of this? “I still blame hime, he admits. But I’m happy so it doesn’t matter anymore».

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