Strasbourg win after double overtime against Riga

Already assured of its qualification, SIG Strasbourg needed two extra times and 50 minutes to win against VEF Riga, 101-94. If he had signed a buzzer beater in the first leg, Bonzie Colson this time allowed his team to stay alive with six seconds from time, by scoring the award-winning equalizer. With 33 points, 7 rebounds and 4 steals, he was very important for the Alsatians, like Jaromir Bohacik (16 points, 7 assists).

For his first appearance in the group, Ike Udanoh made his debut in the major five of SIG Strasbourg. But the two teams are very approximate during the first minutes. Between lost balls and missed shots (sometimes easy), the score changes little (4-5, 4th). Jaromir Bohacik puts the Strasbourg in the lead (8-5, 6th), but it is Riga which widens the first gap of the meeting, in the wake of Kyle Allman (10 points in the period, 8-17, 7th). Jean-Baptiste Maille unlocks the counter of the SIG Strasbourg behind the arc but the Alsatians lose too many balls (5) to hope to worry the Latvians in this first quarter (13-22, 10th).

Strasbourg is catching up

The premises show a more aggressive face in this second quarter (18-25th). When Riga manages to take to the sea, Lassi Tuovi sets a time-out to break the opposing dynamic and, above all, to remind his men of some basic principles. Message received, in particular by Udanoh who illustrated himself during the following minutes (29-32, 17th). Léopold Cavalière ended up equalizing (37-37) but the visitors remained in the lead at the break, 37-39.

For five minutes, SIG Strasbourg knows only one marker: Bonzie Colson. It is he who allows the Alsatians to pass in front (41-39, 31st) then to pick up when Riga is detached (41-45). Jean-Baptiste Maille takes over (56-56, 28th) before captain Deandre Lansdowne allows his team to lead after 30 minutes, 60-58.

Bonzie Colson, boss in the field

During the last quarter, neither team manages to get rid of its opponent. SIG Strasbourg, thanks to the inevitable Colson or the very good Bohacik sometimes takes the lead. It used to be Riga with Madsen from afar. But the gap never exceeds one possession. With 120 seconds from the end, the Czech from SIG Strasbourg puts the two teams tied on the free throw line (77-77). Riga let slip a few shots in the last moments (3/8), which allows Colson to equalize six seconds from time (82-82).

Double overtime to determine the winner

The two teams therefore offer themselves an additional five minutes. Strasbourg takes the best start, even counting its biggest lead of the match (86-83, 42nd). Not for long because Riga glued together (88-88). If Bohacik could not give the victory to his people at the end of regulation time, Udanoh does not succeed either (88-88, 45th). The fourth prize-winner from Bohacik gives air to SIG Strasbourg (93-88, 47th), well followed by Colson (96-91). Finally, Strasbourg takes the measure of its opponent with a precious Jean-Baptiste Maille. Fresher than Riga despite 50 minutes in the legs, the Alsatians won 101-94 and secured the first place in their BCL group.

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