Major League heard proposals from senior and sub 23 team coaches

The first division met the previous Tuesday with the two technical bodies of both the absolute and pre-Olympic teams together with the president of the FESFUT, Hugo Carrillo, in order to know first-hand the work plan that will be developed in the next days in both soccer teams that will have official matches starting in March on their routes to the World Cup in Qatar 2022, such as the CONCACAF pre-Olympic qualifying round in Guadalajara, Mexico.

The main objective of said meeting was to bring criteria between the two technical bodies, FESFUT and the major league, on the subject of player loans for the works that will be implemented as of next week.

Samuel Gávez, president of the first division and Guillermo Morán, president of FAS and vice president of the board of the major league, as representatives of the 12 first division teams, listened to the different proposals made by both the Mexican Carlos de los Cobos and the national Hugo Pérez.

At the end of that meeting there were concordant views on the support for the two national teams.

“They were presented with a work program that would start in February and would logically culminate with the knockout matches that we have against both Granada and Montserrat. Then they were presented with the times, the microcycles that we need, the days that we want to work with the players, understanding the importance of the event, ”De los Cobos said at the end of the meeting.

The Aztec strategist confirmed to the major league that he wants to start the microcycles on the first day of February.

For his part, Hugo Pérez said that “the most important thing in the meeting (with the people of the first division) is to present the calendar of what is coming in the two teams; On behalf of us, they were presented with the entire program that we already have, today that the representatives of the first division were there to bring that information to the teams. We hope they evaluate it, so the feeling I have about all this is that there would be no problem since we started working on Monday ”, highlighted the new helmsman of the sub 23.

In this regard, Guillermo Morán, vice president of the board of the first division, confirmed that the last word belongs to the 12 presidents of the league.

“There is a proposal that we know has a lot of work to do, we discussed it with the president of the FESFUT, we listened to the proposals of the teachers, of their needs to have the players, we are going to consider it at the end of this week before the presidents of the 12 teams and the final position of the league will be known until Friday ”, highlighted Morán.

While Gálvez affirmed that “important things have been brought out in the meeting, there were both sports and administrative issues. We learned that the senior team intends to start on February 1 where it will work with 35 to 40 players. The truth is that we value what was stated by the two technicians, the technician was asked that for this task he must call players who are having their best footballing moment. We are going to evaluate, the league wants to support this but we have to analyze everything well so that past vices on this issue are not repeated, “he said.


Regarding the resumption of work in the under 23 team now under the command of former World Cup player Hugo Pérez, the youth team coordinator, Diego Henríquez, commented that there are at least four names of legionaries that have been taken into account for the moment, apart Joshua Pérez (playing with Ibiza from the second division of Spain) and Eric Calvillo (from San José Earthquakes of the MLS) there are two more awaiting their incorporation prior to the pre-Olympic in Guadalajara.

“Apart from those names we have Enrico Dueñas from Vitesse de Holland with whom we had already been managing him, he has the same situation with Joshua Pérez, they will be able to join the sub 23 until Monday, March 16 according to what the FIFA Player Status ”, he explained.

“Apart from them we have the issue of (the Colombian-Salvadoran) Brayan Gil Hurtado, we are awaiting his decision and his family at the latest this month. He will decide if he remains in Colombia or decides to change and play for El Salvador. Up to now, the four of them would be the legionaries who would be taking part of the sub 23 for the pre-Olympic in Guadalajara. “

Hugo Carrillo, president of the FESFUT, said about the management that began this Tuesday with the major league to obtain the respective permission of their teams to join the work of both the pre-Olympic and the senior team that “we hope that the first division accompany us in this effort that we are making so that the results can be given to us. Obviously, the raw material is the first division teams “highlighted the federative who also valued that” the format for the Clausura 2021 tournament will be the same as that developed in the Apertura 2020 tournament, so we could reach an agreement with the teams of the first division so that the players can spend more time in the two national teams, both the major and the Pre-Olympic. “

Carrillo announced that as FESFUT “in the case of the under 23 team we are going to look for blank matches against countries that are not part of our group in the CONCACAF Pre-Olympic, we have already discussed it with Professor Hugo Pérez about it, while for the senior team we will definitely not have blank matches prior to the two official matches of the World Cup qualifiers in March ”, he said. “Initially, it was planned to have blank matches, I have already raised this with Professor De los Cobos that it is difficult due to the very situation of the pandemic.”

Henríquez, for his part, announced the names of possible rivals that the pre-Olympic will have next month.

“We are looking for at least two blank games, we are trying that in the first days of February and taking advantage of the break in the first division we could have two friendlies with the same team that can be Costa Rica or the Dominican Republic, both teams will also be in the Pre-Olympic in Guadalajara but in the other group ”, he assured.


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