Storm Dennis: driving near wooded areas is strongly discouraged

In Brussels and in several Walloon cities, the authorities are taking precautionary measures. As a reminder, because of storm Dennis, the Royal Meteorological Institute (IRM) issued a yellow alert for the whole country on Sunday, predicting wind gusts of 70 to 100 km / h.

It is therefore not recommended to drive near wooded areas from Saturday evening. Last weekend, storm Ciara uprooted hundreds of trees. What worries the authorities are the trees that have resisted. Today they are weakened. They risk not supporting this new wave of winds announced, which is why, everywhere in Wallonia, it was decided to close all the parks to the public. They should reopen on Monday morning.

Brussels parks closed

The Brussels regional parks will close their gates to reckless walkers from 6 p.m. on Saturday and will not reopen until after the storm Dennis has passed on Monday morning. Bruxelles Environnement recommends that Sunday strollers generally avoid going around parks, woods and forests and, in particular, strolling under the trees. In parks without locking devices, notices will be posted at the entrances and guards will keep the public informed.

No access to wooded areas Sunday and Monday morning in Namur

In Namur, the authorities intend to close the city’s main parks (Louise-Marie, Sources, La Plante), Jambes (Reine Astrid, Amée) and Bouge (rue du Parc). The Citadel site will also be prohibited from entering, with the exception of Route Merveilleuse, where traffic will be maintained to provide local service.

Closure of the Hélécine provincial domain on Sunday

The provincial estate of Hélécine will also be closed to the public on Sunday, due to the strong wind gusts announced, officials of the Brabant site on social networks said. “The park, as well as the Pop Up Bar and the Indoor Games will be closed this Sunday throughout the day“, they specify.

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