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Stock prices also rise in hopes of a new COVID-19 treatment BNN

Global stock prices rose on Monday, August 24 in hopes of a new COVID-19 treatment.

Oil prices also rose due to the storm Marco a Laura 80% of the region’s oil fields in the Gulf of Mexico were closed.

Wall Street Index after news that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved the use of blood plasma from recovering COVID-19 patients in the treatment of COVID-19 on Sunday Standard & Poor’s 500 increased by 1%, but the index Nasdaq Composite increased by 0.6%.

Tower Bridge Advisors portfolio manager Maris Ogg noted that this good news about the new treatment was being overshadowed by alarming news about the re-infection of COVID-19 patients.

COVID-19 is still a matter of great concern to people. It is possible that this will continue until we have a group of vaccines that people will trust, “said Oga.

“The markets don’t need much on the vaccine front to get excited. “Any positive news tends to get a big response,” he said Oanda analyst Craig Erlam.

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US Stock Exchange Index Dow Jones Industrial Average on Monday rose 1.4% to 28,308.46 points, the index Standard & Poor’s 500 rose 1.0% to 3431.28 points, while the index Nasdaq Composite increased by 0.6% to 11,379.72 points.

The London Stock Exchange index FTSE 100 rose 1.7% to 6104.73 points on Monday, the Frankfurt stock exchange index DAX 30 rose 2.4% to 13,066.54 points, and the Paris stock exchange index CAC 40 rose 2.3% to 5007 .89 points.

In the electronic trading of the New York Stock Exchange, the price of WTI crude oil increased by 0.1% on August 24 to USD 42.39 per barrel. Brent The price of crude oil rose 1.51% to $ 45.02 a barrel on the London Stock Exchange.

The euro remained unchanged against the US dollar on Monday at $ 1.179 per euro, the pound sterling depreciated against the US dollar from $ 1.3087 to $ 1.3061 per pound, and the US dollar against the Japanese yen rose from 105.78 to 105.98 yen. for a dollar. The euro appreciated against the pound sterling from 90.09 to 90.21 pence per euro.

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