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Ever since vivo officially announced that the new vivo X90 series will be released on November 22, it has aroused heated discussions among users. With the official announcement of more and more information about the configuration of the new phone, everyone is looking forward to the X90 series.

This morning, vivo officially released the X90 series warm-up poster again. The “spoiler” of the vivo X90 series will be the world’s first BOE Super Retina eye protection screen and Samsung 2K E6 Super Sensation eye protection screen. At the same time, it supports 120W flash charging. Netizens dubbed it “the video flagship with the most material”.

It is understood that the BOE Super Retina Eye Protection screen equipped with vivo X90 is a new generation of OLED screens from BOE.

This Q9 screen can greatly reduce harmful blue light,The PWM dimming frequency is up to 2160Hz, and the power consumption of the screen has also greatly improved compared to the previous generation, down about 15%, and the color gamut and lifespan have also been improved.Because the overall Q9 screen quality is quite good, it is referred to as “the national screen light” by insiders.

The vivo X90 series has become the Android flagship with the most stock! next week

Samsung 2K E6 super-sensing eye protection screen uses the latest generation of E6 luminescent materials, with a local peak brightness of 1800 nits, and supports XDR and Dolby Vision.

V-sync technology developed exclusively by vivo helps optimize touch delayIt is also equipped with Zeiss natural color and software eye protection functions. Through the three-level chip + software + hardware eye protection, it can comprehensively protect the users’ visual health and lead the new track of eye protection. cell phone eyes.

In addition to dual-screen eye protection, the vivo X90 series is also equipped with 120W dual-core flash charging. Users who have done some research on mobile phones know that the external multi-camera module and charging module Dual-core flashes on a video flagship are usually compromises, and the more powerful the feature, the more space it needs.

Vivo has broken the status quo of this industry, adopting 120W dual-core flash charging in the X90 series, or it will become the only video flagship equipped with 120W.

The new vivo X90 series product conference will be released on November 22nd. Although the conference is still a few days away, the official release of information has also made the X90 series more and more clear. Stay tuned for the next surprises that vivo has in store for us.

The vivo X90 series has become the Android flagship with the most stock! next week

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