Stian Blipp with new show:

Host and comedian Stian Blipp describes his new show “Cirque du Blipp” as a comedy show – wrapped in a circus.

– I have always been fascinated by the circus because they symbolize something for me. It is a place where everyone fits in no matter how weird and outside you are, Blipp tells Good evening Norway.

NEW SHOW: Stian Blipp has previously been the host of Idol, Senkveld and Stian Blipp Show, among others. Now he has set up his own solo show on stage. Photo: Thomas Reisæter / TV 2)

The dream of setting up the show started even before he ended up in the spotlight and became a household name:

– I have a tattoo I got ten years ago. It says “Cirque du Blipp”, so I have thought for almost ten years that I should make the show – and now I will, he smiles.

Dangerous stunt

There are two numbers in particular in the show that can go really wrong.

The first is a number where the audience decides how the outcome will be and Blipp must improvise. The second issue could end in disaster:

– There is one thing that can potentially be quite dangerous that I look forward to showing. It can go really well, but it can also go really bad, Blipp explains.

He reveals a small detail about the dangerous stunt:

– There is a knife involved, he says mysteriously.

The 31-year-old explains that the show is otherwise about taking a break from life and the real world and then entering a circus where anything can happen.

During the collaboration with the show, he has also worked with a person who means a lot to him:

– I am very grateful to have worked with one of my great idols, Dagfinn Lyngbø, who is the director of the show, says Blipp.

PARENTS OF SMALL CHILDREN: Stian Blipp and his wife Jamina Blipp are expecting their second child.

PARENTS OF CHILDREN: Stian Blipp and his wife Jamina Blipp are expecting their second child. Photo: Espen Solli / TV 2

“Daddy break”

The “Cirque du Blipp” show starts first in Bergen, and then Blipp takes a break before he has a show in Oslo in the new year. The reason for the break is that he will be the father of the second child.

– I play in Bergen until we have one week left until the term of our second child. Then I have a good week’s clearance before it happens, he says.

The deadline is November 7 and he is expecting a son with his wife Jamina Blipp. They already have a three-year-old daughter, Noelle.

– Regardless of whether the show is in full swing then I will take a break to be part of the first time, says Blipp.

He is looking forward to becoming a father of two and thinks that he will be completely king:

– It’s cool that you are a full car when you arrive. Everyone opens the doors and you come out as a full “squad”, Blipp smiles.

Danced with joy

He is also prepared for the fact that it can be demanding with two children, but has decided to take it as it comes.

He describes himself as an overprotective but also playful and “meat” father. When he learned that they were expecting a boy, he reacted differently than he had thought.

– When I found out that it was a boy, I think my wife realized that it meant a little more to me than I had said, says the 31-year-old and continues:

– Because then I started dancing in the living room, took off my upper body, screamed and was completely crazy. It was obviously a bit important though.

Blipp and his wife Jamina have already thought of a name for their future son:

– There came a name, then we thought: “Yes, there we have it!” But it’s a secret, he answers wisely.


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