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Statement from WHO on long Covid-19 cases

WHO Europe Director Kluge emphasized at the press conference held on the internet on 27 June that despite the fact that the public health emergency has been lifted around the world, Covid-19 has caused the death of approximately 1000 people per week in the WHO region, and that approximately 36 million people in the first 3 years of the epidemic He said he might have had it.

Expressing that some healthy choices in daily life will help fight future epidemics, Kluge said, “We who have the means and opportunity can do moderate exercise, for example, 25 minutes a day, quit smoking, the less alcohol the better, and limit salt intake. Long Covid-19 remains a complex situation about which we still know little.”

Describing the long Covid-19 as a blind spot, Dr. “This underrecognised situation must be taken seriously in the health and social sectors and we need to make sure that adequate care is available for patients,” Kluge said. Ultimately, the best way to avoid Long Covid-19 is to avoid Covid-19 above all else.”

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