State Theater: Open-air theater at the Red Gate: Advance sales for “Chicago” start

The State Theater Augsburg will play the musical “Chicago” at the Red Gate from June. It brings a reunion with many well-known stars and a surprise guest.

The Staatstheater Augsburg plans for the summer. The venues are closed until further notice and due to rising corona numbers it is becoming apparent that performances in front of an audience will probably not be possible even after April 18. However, advance sales have now started for the state theater’s open-air stage season. “Chicago”, one of the most successful Broadway musicals, is due to premiere on June 19 on the Red Gate stage.

“Chicago” on the open-air stage: Between show business and gangsters

The story takes place in Chicago in the 1920s, is set between show business and gangster milieu and is about love, betrayal, crime and fame. The focus is on the two rivals Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly. They are both dancers, both of them have as much sex appeal as unscrupulousness, and both are in jail for murder. Velma has become a star through the tabloids, and so is Roxie, with the help of shrewd attorney Billy Flynn, trying to avoid conviction. She doesn’t always play with open cards.

“Chicago” at the Red Gate: Katja Berg and Sidonie Smith are opponents

Katja Berg can be seen in the role of Roxie Hart. She has already made a guest appearance at the State Theater in the soccer operetta “Roxy and her wonder team”.

Katja Berg

Photo: Jan-Pieter Fuhr

Her opponent is also known to visitors to the open-air theater in Augsburg. The US singer Sidonie Smith convinced as Maria Magdalena in “Jesus Christ Superstar” in the summer of 2019 and now embodies Velma Kelly.

Sidonie Smith

Foto: Christopher Ryan

The lawyer Billy Flynn is given by Alexander Franzen, presenter and soloist of the musical gala “The Show Must go On” from last year. In addition, the Augsburg-born entertainer and travesty star hatches Chris Kolonko as a surprise guest in the role of the sensational tabloid reporter Mary Sunshine. “Chicago” is directed and choreographed by Gaines Hall. The American is known for his expressive step choreographies and teaches at the Bavarian Theater Academy August Everding.

In addition to the musical, the State Theater will also present the concert gala “Opera under the stars” with the Augsburg Philharmonic, singers from the ensemble and the opera choir in two performances on June 24th and July 21st.

Also in the Martinipark there will be an open-air stage, the “artificial turf”, again in summer. David Ortmann will direct the romantic comedy “Cyrano de Bergerac”. The premiere is on June 17th. Serenade concerts and sunset clubbing with local DJs also take place there.

Tickets for all open air events on 0821/3244900

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