State of Alarm: About 850 vehicles join the Vox demonstration in Palencia, according to Local Police | Radio Palencia | Present

The mobilization on wheels of Vox against him Pedro Sánchez government and its management of the crisis of coronavirus, what the far-right party itself defined as “Caravan for Spain and its freedom”, has been seconded in Palencia for hundreds of vehicles, around 850. The mobilization started at around 12:00 hours from the Fairground of the Palencia capital. In this way, and after a resolution of the Superior Court of Justice of Castilla y León that allowed the mobilization, the party led by Santiago Abascal at the national level and by Sonia Lalanda at the provincial level, the petition for the resignation of the current Government by Pedro Sánchez.

Vox supports its request in that it considers that serious negligence has occurred in the management of the pandemic. The mobilization in Palencia has had an outstanding impact with hundreds of vehicles. Radio Palencia was located in the vicinity of the Plaza de España and verified how the passing of vehicles was incessant during a period of 25 minutes.

In social networks, the most visible face of Vox in Palencia, Sonia Lalanda, has been denying that the party is extreme right. Lalanda recalled that this Saturday’s demonstration is because “we are already fed up with a government that lies to us, deceives us and cuts our rights and freedoms. Let’s not be naive, it doesn’t do it for our health, but it takes advantage of this house arrest to do what he wants. ” According to Lalanda, “when we leave, we will find a Spain in ruins, with a weak democratic system and our institutions in demolition.”

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