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Stabbing Incident at Immigrant Shelter in Harlem, New York City: Latest Updates and Reactions

A new stabbing case is taking place at an immigrant shelter in New York City. The incident occurred this time in Harlem, in a building that functions as a shelter in the northern area of ​​Central Park.

Our reporter Gary Merson, from Univision 41, went to the scene and confirmed through a source that the stabbing victim is a Hispanic. Allegedly, there was a fight in which he was injured.

Likewise, the NYPD reported that the man was taken to a Mount Sinai hospital in the area and is in stable condition.

The alleged fight occurred on the fourth floor of the building that functions as a shelter and where about 300 single immigrants are kept. It was also learned, from the same source, that the victim tried to escape, but collapsed on the second floor.

So far, authorities have been unable to make any arrests, but the stabbed man has not wanted to cooperate either, Gary Merson said.

Other stabbing incidents at immigrant shelters

Days later, the victim’s mother spoke with Univision 41 and said that her son was “very happy.” She also commented that, along with a companion, she had gone to the United States to try to fulfill the American dream.

According to the statements of a witness, it is presumed that the dispute was between security guards and the immigrants, which ended up sending one of them to Harlem Hospital.

A young immigrant agreed to speak with Univision 41, without revealing his identity, and denounced that some security guards at the shelter “treat people badly.”

Eric Adams considers modifying ‘Sanctuary City’ status in the face of immigration crisis

In his Tuesday press conference, the mayor pointed out that his proposal would allow undocumented immigrants who are related to serious crimes to remain in the hands of ICE.

Under current law, he explained, the city cannot deliver them.

“I don’t think people who commit violent acts and commit repeated crimes should have the privilege of being in our city,” he explained.

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Since January, when 2023 was just beginning, Mayor Eric Adams was already announcing that New York City could not contain the enormous number of immigrants arriving in the Big Apple. He even traveled to El Paso, Texas, to discuss the issue.

Credit: AP


New York City had spent around $360 million dollars at the beginning of the year to address the immigration crisis, which is why it called on federal authorities to obtain more resources. However, he never got solutions.


Schools, churches, prisons, hotels and gyms, among other venues, were set up to provide shelter to the wave of immigrants arriving in New York City. Some Samaritans, by their own decision, offered their homes to provide shelter.

Credit: AP

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In May, the iconic Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan was reopened and enabled to shelter dozens of immigrants. However, New York City remained understaffed and underfunded. This caused many to sleep on the streets.


Given the arrival of more immigrants and the emergency in which several counties, such as Rockland, declared themselves to not accept them, the mayor of New York undertook a tour of Latin America to address the immigration issue. He also visited the Darien jungle.


In mid-October, Mayor Eric Adams announced that immigrant families with children could only stay in shelters for 60 days, having to apply for a new period in the shelter. Likewise, asylum seekers who were alone had the right to 30 days.

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In November, Floyd Bennett Field in Brooklyn was opened as a shelter for immigrants. The Adams administration prepared it with rooms, bathrooms, medical care and food, however, asylum seekers noted that they were in an isolated area that prevented them from emerging.


On December 27, Mayor Eric Adams announced measures to control the arrival of immigrants in New York City. This after five buses suddenly arrived, full of new asylum seekers. They all came from Philadelphia, and initially from Texas.


On December 28, a record 14 buses carrying migrants arrived in New York City. Most were located at the Roosevelt Hotel in Manhattan and more were expected to arrive that night.

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