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7 Essential Tips for a Successful Application Process | Youth Coaching Advice

Youth Coaching has put together some helpful tips on how you can prepare well for an application process. Application process: Preparation is everything! | © freepik

1. Research thoroughly about the company you are applying to so that you are well prepared for the interview. Show interest in the company – this can make all the difference.

2. Make your CV clear and concise – emphasize relevant experience, skills and qualifications.

3. Write a convincing cover letter that makes clear your motivation and fit for the position.

4. Prepare for frequently asked questions in the interview with your youth coach in a personal consultation. In youth coaching you can practice well, reduce your fears and raise your concerns. Your youth coach can show you useful tips and tricks. Afterwards, you can practice your answers with friends and/or family members to appear confident.

5. Look for a professional appearance – Clothing and demeanor play an important role in the application process. Be polite and show good manners.

6. Soft skills are personal abilities, character traits, such as the ability to work in a team, organizational skills, flexibility, analytical thinking and creativity. They are just as important as your professional qualifications. Emphasize social and communication skills, as these are valued in any job, but also remain authentic.

7. Focus not only on academic performance, but also on extracurricular activities that show your versatility. Show that you have perseverance and stick to something.

If you have any questions, a youth coaching coach can definitely help you.

We wish you much success in your job search!

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