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Sri Mulyani Wants to Build IKN Using PEN Funds, DPR Refuses!


Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani Indrawati plans to use the 2022 National Economic Recovery (PEN) program funds for development the nation’s capital (IKN) is only in its early stages. The funds to be used will come from the Economic Recovery Strengthening cluster.

Sri Mulyani said that the budget for the 2022 PEN program reached Rp 455.62 trillion. If possible, the construction of new IKN can be used from the cluster budget for Strengthening Economic Recovery which reaches Rp. 178.3 trillion.

“For example, if PUPR at that time said it would make the way, if it can be executed in 2022, we will be able to budget this at Rp. 178 trillion,” Sri Mulyani said in a working meeting with Commission XI DPR RI, Wednesday (19/1/2022) .

Sri Mulyani revealed stage I of development and transfer IKN which begins in 2022-2024 can indeed use more APBN funds to be the initial trigger. Moreover, the government needs to prepare basic infrastructure.

“So in this (cluster) strengthening of economic recovery, we have to be really pragmatic, which one can work,” he added.

“So at Rp 178 trillion, we will see the readiness of the K/L, the ability to execute it, and the most optimal economic impact, so we give priority to being able to use Rp 178 trillion,” he added.

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