Spread of coronavirus in Belgium accelerates ‘impressively’ | Abroad

Between 8 and 14 September, the average number of new corona infections rose to 978 per day, or an increase of 74 percent compared to the week before, reports the health institute Sciensano. The average number of hospital admissions per day increased from 22 to 39 last week. More patients with Covid-19 were admitted in particular in Brussels and Antwerp. The average number of deaths remains stable at two or three per day.

Van Gucht again called on the population to limit contacts with other people. He cited results of research among thousands of blood donors in Belgium that show that only 5 percent have antibodies against the virus, while that group of usually healthy people is not a perfect reflection of the population. He pointed out that for group immunity percentages of 50 to 70 are needed and that is therefore by no means the case.

On Wednesday, the National Security Council, which includes federal and regional leaders and experts, will meet again to decide whether and which additional measures should be taken.

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