In Ostrava, a hare-like rodent escaped from the enclosure and ended up in a landing net

The rodent escaped the woman from the paddock in Ostrava-Kunčice on Thursday, she tried to lure him back, but the effort of several hours was in vain. Firefighters specializing in rescuing and trapping animals arrived at the scene.

Mara was hiding in the corner of two fences under a full-grown rose bush. “On the one hand, the firefighters prepared the area by cutting branches and prepared with a trapping network if the attempt to catch the rodent in the landing net, with which another firefighter from the other side went, failed,” said firefighter spokesman Petr Kůdela on Friday.

Firefighters in Ostrava were catching the steppe marsh.

Photo: Fire and Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region

In the end, the net was not needed, the firefighters managed to get the animal into the landing net on the first attempt.

“The steppe mara is a rodent native to Patagonia, the territory of South America, where it lives on arid pastures and open semi-deserts. Its appearance is more like a hare, with the head of a ‘guinea pig’ appearance, “the spokesman specified, adding that the animal can develop a speed of more than 50 km / h in case of danger.

The steppe Mara escaped from the paddock in Ostrava.

Photo: Fire and Rescue Service of the Moravian-Silesian Region

In the past, mary were planted in southern Europe and in the former USSR, they also lived freely in the Czech Republic.

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