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Sportsender shows eSports instead of baseball, football and basketball

Sports reporters are currently having a hard time. Because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, there is simply nothing to report. All sports events are paralyzed. Now ESPN brings 2 Rocket League, NBA 2k20 and many more video games on TV. Due to the pandemic for real sports, eSports is taken as an alternative.

eSports is becoming increasingly popular worldwide. If you were laughed at 20 years ago when you (like me) started a game on the national team, in 2020 it will be shown to the masses. ESPN 2, a large American sports broadcaster, has had enough of repetitions and documentaries and is starting to report on eSports. And that in the marathon of 12 hours.

Of course, many live tournaments in the eSports area are also affected. There are simply no big events at the moment. However, there are many online leagues that are worth seeing.

Despite its very real hurdles, the competitive gaming scene recovers much faster than real sports. ESPN 2 was no doubt desperately looking for content to fill the 24-hour airtime. Half of the day is now filled with eSports.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends – (C) EA

So there is the following program this Sunday from 12 noon to midnight: the F1 eSports Virtual Grand Prix, the Rocket League World Championship, the NBA 2K Players Tournaments, reviews of the Madden NFL 20 tournaments and the repetition of the star-studded EXP Apex Legends Pro-Am.

Let’s see what remains of it after the pandemic and whether there will be further broadcasts when “normal sport” is back in business.

Source: ESPN Press Room

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